Wednesday 23 January 2013

A New Year Begins

I know the New Year began about three weeks ago but I have been enjoying the summer holidays with my family. They have nearly all gone back to work now and so I can feel myself getting back into a routine.

I taught a Beginners Machine Quilting course at the Victorian Embroiderer's Guild a couple of weeks ago. It was a large class and quite a warm day but they all worked well with no complaints. Hello to all the new quilters out there. I hope you are practising!!

I also went to a couple of exhibitions, saw a couple of movies and went to visit my family in Adelaide. It has been a very busy time around here.

You might recall that I had my daughter's wedding at the end of last year. Well now we have the good news that my other daughter is getting married. So life is not dull around here.

During the holidays the Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Vol 22, No 2 came out with an article about my quilt Naturally Crazy.

APQ Vol 22 No 2

The article about my quilt is on page 30.

APQ Article

I have had to add the captcha code to my comments section unfortunately. I am sorry to do this because I find it a nuisance myself but I was getting so many scam comments advertising all sorts of products that it was becoming a bother and I didn't want them to start happening to anyone else who commented.

It immediately stopped the scam comments though.

I have lots of teaching dates booked for this year and some new ideas for quilts so I ready to get started.

Bye for now,