Monday 24 October 2011

Quilters Companion Magazine

I was at the newsagent and innocently bought the latest Quilters Companion Magazine, not realising that there was an article about me in it!

It is their Great Australian Quilts No. 3. The magazine is wrapped in plastic because there is a CD with it called Learn Machine Applique with Rachelle Denneny. When I opened the plastic I noticed my name on the cover.

They've devoted 6 pages about me including photos of 7 of my quilts. The article is titled A Disciplined Designer!

I am happy to be described as disciplined, isn't everyone?  Maybe not.
I think that they have written a lovely article except that they wrongly state on the pattern page that I live in Horsham! Don't look for me there, I live in Park Orchards.

Quilters Companion asked me a few months ago to create a project for their magazine based on one of my latest quilts.
I designed a Wall Hanging named Panda Crazy based on a block in my quilt Eastern Elements.
This is a crazy quilt using free machine thread painting for all the stitches and motifs. Instead of doing all the embroidery by hand I have done it on the machine but not using the programmed fancy stitches. I think that the programmed stitches are fine for some things but I find them a bit flat for a crazy quilt. I have added some braids and beads as well.

The pattern is well set out with a lot of step by step photos. There a quite a few different techniques to use when making up the pattern including, foundation piecing, free motion machine thread painting and stitching and inserting piping into the binding.

I wonder if anyone ever makes up the patterns in Magazines? I think I might have made one once or twice a few years ago. These days, I just look at the photos and read the articles.

Here is a photo of the actual wall hanging.

Bye for now,

Wednesday 19 October 2011

World Crazy Quilt Progress

 I am still working on my World Crazy Quilt (I am still thinking of what I will name the quilt). I have 12 different blocks representing different countries and after I put the blocks onto the background fabric, I thought that they looked a bit plain and bare.

Well, I thought that they needed a bit of embroidery around the borders and it wouldn't take long.
How wrong was I! Each block took two hours to complete the embroidery. That's 24 hours of work that I hadn't planned on.

When I had finished doing the little lazy daisy stitches, I had to put a bead on each cluster. Once again I miscalculated because each block took 40 minutes to add the beads. I had thought that it would take about 15 minutes.

So my little after thought took an extra 2 hours 40 minutes for each block. No wonder these quilts take me so long to do. I think it is worth the work though, judging from the photo above.

I have also been busy with the Australia block that will be in the centre.

Bye for now,

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Blog of the Week!

Well, I had a big surprise this week when the American Quilters Society picked my blog as their Blog of the Week.

I was thrilled!

I have been a member of AQS for a few years now and I love their magazine, American Quilter. It is always full of wonderfully large photos of prize winning quilts.

I have entered their big quilt show in Paducah a few times and I always order the catalogue because it has a photo of every quilt in the show.

American Quilter also has a facebook page for those of you on facebook. They are always talking about interesting things.

Thanks American Quilter.

Bye for now,

Wednesday 12 October 2011


I have been away on holidays for a week at Bateman's Bay, which is in New South Wales, about 2 hours east of Canberra and 3 hours south of Sydney.

My favourite birds are blue wrens and I kept seeing them everywhere. I was so happy and driving my children mad by trying to take photos of them all the time. They are so quick that it was hard to get good photos.

We went to the Mogo Zoo which was one of the best zoos that we have been to, I got so many closeup animal shots. I can imagine putting this Komado dragon in a crazy quilt.

The next day we went to Birdland and I have so many wonderful closeup photos of parrots, kookaburras and owls that I'll be able to use in my quilts.
We spent ages with the peacocks because they all had their tails out showing off to the peahens and doing their mating dance. One of the peahens went pecking for food down a path and the poor peacock couldn't fit his tail through and was all sad. We thought that she mustn't be interested in him but next thing she was back pecking for food right in front of the peacock!
Even the back of the peacock is very attractive.

I managed to go to a couple of patchwork shops without driving the family crazy. I went to Patchwork on the Bay in Bateman's Bay and Steph's Patchwork and Stitching in Moruya. Steph's is a big shop with a huge variety of supplies. In Mogo I went to a scrapbooking, art and craft shop called Amanda's of Mogo, it was like an Alladin's Cave with so much stock. There was also a shop that only sold beads, so I managed to spend money in all the shops and came home with a nice supply of things.

The picture shows some of the purchases I made. I also bought a 24 set of Inktense pencils.

It's nice to go away and have a change of scenery but it's good to be home as well.

Bye for now,