Wednesday 27 July 2011

Vic Quilters Set Up

I have spent the day at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre setting up my retrospective quilt show. I am honoured to be the Profile A Quilter at the Victorian Quilters Showcase this year. I arrived at 9am and we managed to finish at about 2pm. We were able to spend some time after that looking at all the other quilts on display. My very first quilt is the quilt on the far right in the photo above.

Here is a picture of my two wonderful helpers, Jill and Heather hard at work. I couldn't have done it without them. They were so patient and efficient. All the quilts had to be pinned onto carpet walls, so it wasn't an easy job like just hanging them onto quilt stands.
Here is a picture of us after we had finished, very tired but still smiling.

I will be at the show everyday in front of my quilts, so please stop by and say hello.
All the details of the dates and opening times can be found on the Craft and Quilt Fair

Bye for now, Linda


Friday 15 July 2011

Watercolour Class

I have recently finished an online watercolour class with Sue Bleiweiss called Watercolor Explorations for the Fibre Artist. I have done a little bit of watercolour before so I already had some paints and paper to use. It was only a three week course so it wasn't a big committment.
Every week Sue randomly picked out someone to receive a prize. My name was picked on the first week and I won some of Sue's beautiful hand dyed fabric.
The fabric was so soft and had a suede feel to it. Sue uses sand washed cotton for her dyeing, so I am going to buy some to try.

I enjoyed using the watercolour especially beacause the clean up is so easy compared to acrylics.
On the third week we had to make a journal using one of the designs we had created.
I used some of the fabric that I won and decorated it with some of the stitches on my sewing machine that I never usually use.
Sue taught us the proper way to make a book but I took a shortcut and sewed my pages on the sewing machine.

Friday 8 July 2011

Cover Quilt

I have just received the latest Vic Quilter Magazine and my quilt Scottish Dance is on the cover. They have put it on a background of pale pink and I think it looks really pretty. My quilt has made the cover because I am having a display of many of my quilts at the Victorian Quilt Show this year. I will have the very first quilt I made on show as well as my latest quilt and many more in between.
The Victorian Quilters Showcase is on at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank.(fondly known as Jeff's Shed. It will be open from Thursday July 28th to Sunday July 31st.
I will be there everyday sitting by my quilts, so I would love it if people came up and spoke to me. It will surely make the days go faster.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Fabric Dyeing

A couple of months ago I spent the day dyeing some cotton and silk fabric. They have been sitting in my sewing room so I could admire the beautiful colours but I must pack them away.
I used a different colour combination than I have used before and I really like them. I used Procion dyes, Fuchsia Red, Lemon Yellow and Turquoise. I had some dye left over so I added some black to the colours to get a darker version. It is amazing how different the fabrics look with the black added to them.
The fabrics on the top row are the cottons and the fabrics on the bottom row are the silk.
The second photo shows just some of the pots of dye, I had another set as well.