Friday, 15 July 2011

Watercolour Class

I have recently finished an online watercolour class with Sue Bleiweiss called Watercolor Explorations for the Fibre Artist. I have done a little bit of watercolour before so I already had some paints and paper to use. It was only a three week course so it wasn't a big committment.
Every week Sue randomly picked out someone to receive a prize. My name was picked on the first week and I won some of Sue's beautiful hand dyed fabric.
The fabric was so soft and had a suede feel to it. Sue uses sand washed cotton for her dyeing, so I am going to buy some to try.

I enjoyed using the watercolour especially beacause the clean up is so easy compared to acrylics.
On the third week we had to make a journal using one of the designs we had created.
I used some of the fabric that I won and decorated it with some of the stitches on my sewing machine that I never usually use.
Sue taught us the proper way to make a book but I took a shortcut and sewed my pages on the sewing machine.

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