Tuesday 21 May 2013


I belong to the Waverley Art Quilters and every month we study a different artist or technique. Last month our topic was Reflections.

I could do an entire series on reflections. I am fascinated by them and there are so many ways to put a reflection on a quilt. If I had more time I would do little samples of all the ways I could think of the make a reflection.

Shades of fabric
Raw edge

I think that I will put this idea on my to-do list. Maybe after my latest quilt is finished!

Anyway, as usual I was pressed for time and had to make a decision quickly and sew it up in time for our meeting. I went through my photos and found one of a pelican. It is amazing how many times I have taken a photo in the past and focused on the bird or landscape and cut off the reflection!!

My photography is definitely improving but I was coming from a very low standard!

Reflections © 2013 Linda Steele

I used the fusible raw edge method and it was actually more time consuming than it might look. I printed out the photo on the computer and drew up the main shapes and then blew up the drawing to A3 size and printed it out. I am lucky enough to have an A3 printer at home.

I thought I had a good range of batik fabrics at home but I found that I was lacking the very lights and a lot of my batiks are plain and I think that a small pattern gives a bit more texture and interest.

It looks as if I have to do a bit more shopping!

The hardest part was trying to get the proper value change to make the reflection look realistic.

Reflection detail
I could have taken a lot more time and trouble with this quilt. In fact it was taking so long to choose the fabrics and cut out the pieces I ended up simplifying my original drawing.

I used a metallic thread to quilt the water and reflection but it doesn't seem to show up in the photo.
At least I managed to get it done in time for our meeting.

Bye for now,

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Charmed-Heart Block

Every two months I receive a little charm for my charm bracelet and a matching block pattern and fabric from the ladies at Quilted Crow.

The latest charm was a little heart. It's hard to believe that the charm is actually made using real fabric; I wouldn't want to sew one that small.

Heart Charm

It didn't take long to sew up the matching block this time especially using foundation piecing which I love doing.

Heart Block
The fabrics that they sent me this time were exactly the same fabrics that were in the charm.
I don't do a lot of traditional patchwork these days. I am mainly sewing crazy quilts or art quilts and so I am really enjoying participating in this charmed mail out.

Bye for now,

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Round Robin is complete!

I was very excited when a parcel arrived at my house a couple of weeks ago because I knew it was my Round Robin block finally coming home to me.

I had never participated in a Round Robin before because I had heard some bad stories in the past about quilt round robins and how people had been let down by others by not getting their work finished on time and some substandard work. That was not the case in the Southern Cross Crazies group. They are all very good embroiderer's.

Can you remember what my block looked like when I sent it off last year?

Round Robin base block
Prepare to be amazed!! I feel so lucky!!

Round Robin finished block

There is so much beautiful embroidery on the block, I have to show you the detail photos.

Stump work beetle in centre

Bottom left corner

Bottom right corner

Top left corner

Top right corner

Beaded Spider

It's a beautiful block isn't it? I feel quite humbled that these wonderful women took the time to do such beautiful embroidery on my block.

So there was no need for me to feel worried about participating in the Round Robin. I got to know some wonderful women on line who have the same interests as me and who knows we might even meet in person one day. The other advantage was that I got to work on different blocks and different colours from my usual ones and it wasn't very demanding on my time.

By the way, the Southern Cross Crazies is a Yahoo group who always welcomes new members, so join in the fun if you are interested.

Bye for now,