Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Round Robin is complete!

I was very excited when a parcel arrived at my house a couple of weeks ago because I knew it was my Round Robin block finally coming home to me.

I had never participated in a Round Robin before because I had heard some bad stories in the past about quilt round robins and how people had been let down by others by not getting their work finished on time and some substandard work. That was not the case in the Southern Cross Crazies group. They are all very good embroiderer's.

Can you remember what my block looked like when I sent it off last year?

Round Robin base block
Prepare to be amazed!! I feel so lucky!!

Round Robin finished block

There is so much beautiful embroidery on the block, I have to show you the detail photos.

Stump work beetle in centre

Bottom left corner

Bottom right corner

Top left corner

Top right corner

Beaded Spider

It's a beautiful block isn't it? I feel quite humbled that these wonderful women took the time to do such beautiful embroidery on my block.

So there was no need for me to feel worried about participating in the Round Robin. I got to know some wonderful women on line who have the same interests as me and who knows we might even meet in person one day. The other advantage was that I got to work on different blocks and different colours from my usual ones and it wasn't very demanding on my time.

By the way, the Southern Cross Crazies is a Yahoo group who always welcomes new members, so join in the fun if you are interested.

Bye for now,


Gina E. said...

This block is fabulous. It's good that the other participants are up to your standard of stitching! My CQ work is very conservative in comparison :-]

Lorraine said...

A truly beautiful transformation! Thank you for the close-ups. They really show the creativity of the talented participants.

Linda Steele said...

I am glad you both enjoyed looking at the block, Gina and Lorraine.

Mary said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I'm always amazed at the ideas that others come up with. There is so much talent in this. Wow.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Mary,
They are certainly a talented group.