Tuesday 27 August 2019

Canberra Quilt Show 2019

I was asked to judge the Canberra Quilt show this year and although I only got to spend a couple of days in Canberra I managed to fit in a few activities as well.

The judging went well, they were a very organised group and even though I was the only judge I am happy with my choices. Judging on my own was not as daunting as it sounds; I feel as if all my years of being a quilt appraiser helped me make the decisions. As usual there were some great quilts that missed out on a prize because there are only so many prizes available.

I was staying with Beth Miller and she very kindly picked me up from the airport and took me to the Canberra Art Gallery which had a Monet exhibition on display.

Impression Sunrise by Monet
One of Monet's haystack paintings was in the exhibition.

Haystacks Midday by Monet
It wouldn't be a Monet exhibition without some water lily paintings.

The Water Lily Pond by Monet

I think my favourite painting was Saint-Lazare Station panted in 1877. It had a bit more contrast than some of his others but it was still so atmospheric.

Saint-Lazare Station by Monet

A visit to the Canberra Gallery wouldn't be complete without seeing Blue Poles again.

Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock

I also saw a painting by John Brack that I have never seen before; I thought he only painted in muted colours!

Latin American Grand Final by John Brack

Time was running out because the gallery closed at 5pm but I still managed to visit Yayoi Kasuma's Infinity room.

Infinity Room by Yayoi Kasuma

The room is fairly small and surrounded by mirrors, you had to be careful walking around because it could be disorientating. Here's a photo of me trying to make a photo.

Infinity room by Yayoi Kasuma
We studied Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma with the Waverley Art Quilters a couple of months and so that was why I was particularly interested in seeing the exhibition.

After the Judging was over the following day Beth took me to the Canberra Aboretum. It was freezing cold but we had a coffee in the cafe first and then had a quick look around. I loved the sculpture by Richard Moffatt called Nest 111.

Nest 111 by Richard Moffatt

There was another sculpture called Wide Brown Land but it was huge and I couldn't get it all in one photo or maybe it was too cold for me to try harder!

Wide Brown Land by Marcos Tatton, Futago Design Studio and Chris Viney

That was the end of my whirlwind trip to Canberra, although it was my second visit this year. The Canberra Quilters were a lovely group and took me out for dinner on the Friday night before judging. I was actually really well looked after and thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

Please look at the Canberra Quilters website to see the photos of all the winners.

Bye for now,

Tuesday 20 August 2019

Kathryn Harmer Fox Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I did a workshop with South African artist Kathryn Harmer Fox. Showcase had only just finished and I was fairly worn out but I still enjoyed my time in the class at the Embroiderer's Guild in Malvern, Victoria, Australia.

We could choose various Australian themed designs and I chose the kangaroo.
First, I put a little bit of watercolour behind where I was going to place my kangaroo. I shaded  Inktense pencils and then used water to spread and blend the colour.

I traced the kangaroo onto the fabric and then I started to add various little pieces of fabric to make the kangaroo. I attached the fabric with a fabric glue-stick and then free motion stitched over the fabric to blend the fabrics together.
Of course, mine is not finished because as soon as I got home I got stuck in to all the other things I had to do.

Kangaroo postcard

Around the room were a lot of Kathryn's beautiful, inspiring work on display. She is very artistic and was stressing that knowing how to draw is very important to her. Luckily, I have gone back to drawing classes this term, although I am very dismayed at how out of practice I am!

Kathryn Harmer Fox

Kathryn Harmer Fox

Kathryn's work was also for sale and I bought her gorgeous Crane postcard. What better memento from my time with her?

Crane by Kathryn Harmr Fox

Before I left Kathryn posed for a photo with me.

Kathryn Harmer Fox and I

I am not sure that I want to do this realistic style of work anymore but you never know!

Bye for now,

Sunday 18 August 2019

1st prize in Berry!

I received the wonderful news this morning that the contemporary quilt I made won first place in the Berry One Red Thread competition. The theme was Fractured and perfectly suited the quilts that I have been making lately.

My quilt is called Life.

Life by Linda Steele 

Here is a photo of the background after I had finished piecing it and trying to decided the placement of the circles.

Working out circle size

Then I had to make the circles and sew them on.

Sewing on circles

My quilt is called life and this was my artist statement.


Life doesn’t always turn out as planned.

Disappointments, grief and lost opportunities affect us all.
We become fractured and changed but somehow, we manage to keep going and carry on.

 Life is still good.

Here is a detail photo, I love doing the modern quilting designs.

Life detail

That was a great way to finish a busy week.

Be for now,

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Victorian Quilters Showcase 2019

The Victorian Quilters Showcase was held at the end of July and was a great success. The difference for me this year was that I am the Showcase Coordinator and it has made a huge difference to my life! I spent at least two months before the show on the computer adding all the entrant's details onto the computer and created and printed many different files. Some were in quilt number order, some in alphabetical order, some for photography, some for the quilt collection people etc, etc. It is actually a huge job.
Next year all the entries will be online and hopefully it will make the process a lot easier.
it is funny to look at the photos that I took. Most were of the layout and not many photos of quilts.

Best of Show went to Jocelyne Leath for her quilt Formidable Grace.

Formidable Grace by Jocelyne Leath

Here is a happy Jocelyne in front of her quilt.

Jocelyne Leath with her quilt Formidable Grace

I think her quilt has been accepted into Houston as well.

Runner Up to Best of Show was Lilac and Roses by Robyn Coots.

Lilac and Roses by Robyn Coots
Here is a detail photo of this beautiful quilt.

Detail of Lilac and Roses by Robyn Coots

The best amateur quilt was a real showstopper by Michelle Bardwell.

Cathedral Rose by Michelle Bardwell

The lights were very bright so it was hard to get a good photo.

You can get an idea with these detail photos though.

Detail of Cathedral Rose by Michelle Bardwell

Detail; of Cathedral Rose by Michelle Bardwell
I don't think Michelle will be an amateur for much longer doing beautiful quilts like this!

The raffle quilt was made by my friend Anne Andrews. It is hand pieced and hand quilted, the winner was absolutely thrilled.

Annie's Stars by Anne Andrews
I didn't get a quilt finished to be in the show this year. But there was a display of the quilts in the AQC Magic Competition and my quilt was there with its Viewer's Choice ribbon.

Magical Coral Reef by Linda Steele

I was thrilled to see a poster with my quilt on it too!

So, the show is over for another year and preparations are already starting for next year's show. I have some free time at last and I'm trying to get as much sewing as I can done.

Please check on the Victorian Quilters Website for photos of all the winning quilts.

Bye for now,