Sunday, 18 August 2019

1st prize in Berry!

I received the wonderful news this morning that the contemporary quilt I made won first place in the Berry One Red Thread competition. The theme was Fractured and perfectly suited the quilts that I have been making lately.

My quilt is called Life.

Life by Linda Steele 

Here is a photo of the background after I had finished piecing it and trying to decided the placement of the circles.

Working out circle size

Then I had to make the circles and sew them on.

Sewing on circles

My quilt is called life and this was my artist statement.


Life doesn’t always turn out as planned.

Disappointments, grief and lost opportunities affect us all.
We become fractured and changed but somehow, we manage to keep going and carry on.

 Life is still good.

Here is a detail photo, I love doing the modern quilting designs.

Life detail

That was a great way to finish a busy week.

Be for now,


jude's page said...

Congratulations Linda, it looks great.

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Jude, I was very happy to hear this news because the competition was very stiff.

Robbie said...

I saw this on FB and was blown away! It is fantastic, Linda!!!!! Love the colors, design, quilting....all around a wonderful piece and workmanship to match! Congratulations!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, such a great compliment, I really loved using the red and black colours.

Gina E. said...

More incredible work from your incredibly creative mind Linda! Stunning colours, and so different from what I know of your quilting styles.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Gina, I am doing some experimenting lately, it's fun