Friday 31 March 2023

Ed Sheeran Concert

 I have been out and about this year. Earlier this month my daughter and I went to the Ed Sheeran concert. It was a huge arena concert at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). There were 110,000 people there, his biggest ever crowd, his second biggest crowd was the night before with 107,000 people. He's very popular in Australia.

It was a lovely night, seeing as it was an outdoor concert, I don't know what would've happened if it rained! The stage was a rotating circle in the middle of the oval, apparently this was especially developed for him.

Great music, great crowd and the sound was really good, so we could hear all the words.

The concert finished with some fireworks.

I thought my concert going days were over, but I am really glad I made the effort to go.

Bye for now,


Tuesday 28 March 2023


 We are exploring various 'Scapes' in the Waverley Art Quilters this year. We started off a bit easier using Landscapes.

I wanted to try and abstract a landscape rather than a realistic depiction. I had no access to my fabrics because they had all been packed up to make way for my new carpet. I love playing around with paper so that was what I decided to use.

I have been doing a lot of paper collages this year so my papers were still handy. 

I had been using some lettering in my collages so I had some already printed out and I printed out a photo of a tree in winter.

On a large A3 piece of paper I cut and pasted some of the lettering. My photo is me trying to make a composition with the lettering and some black and white papers. The lettering really had nothing to do with the landscape but I thought it would be a good way to make it more abstract.

I got so involved that I didn't take anymore progress photos. So this is what it looked like in the end.

Landscape Collage

 I couldn't help myself, I had to add some coloured papers in the composition. I suppose one of the advantages of our group and working small is finding out what you really like!

Well, that really didn't take long to make so I decided to make another one, especially as I was a bit disappointed with my first one.

I printed out another tree and added some of my collage papers, but to abstract it, I sliced the papers into narrow strips. The photo below is what I started with but the tree looked too stark on the white paper.

I found a pale blue paper that I had painted and put it in the paper tray of my printer and printed it out. I got that hint from a collage artist, Rebecca Chapman in the Collage Makers Summit that was held earlier this year..

As long as the paper is clean and flat, the printer doesn't mind at all.

Here is my finished collage, this one is only 10 inches square.

Landscape Collage 2

I like using the papers, no batting and quilting to worry about and nice and flat to store. However, my carpet has been installed and I can get to my fabrics now. It took quite a few days to put everything back again.

I love my new carpet, everything looks so clean and organised. I must take a photo of my improved sewing room, it's working well so far.

But I am off to grandparents day at Kinder with my granddaughter Anna, she is very excited.

Bye for now,


Tuesday 21 March 2023

Exhibition Success

 I've had good news in the last week. Firstly, my quilt First Day Fears was accepted for an 

Oz Quilt Network  Online exhibition. The theme was Memories of Childhood. I used a photo that I took of my grandson Jack on his first day of school last year. Oz Quilt Network is a group for Australian Art Quilters.

First Day Fears by Linda Steele

All the entries were so different, you can see them all Here

My improv pieced quilt called Autumn Song was accepted into the SAQA exhibition called Red.

Autumn Song by Linda Steele

Apparently there were 500 entries from all over the world and they only chose 40. I cannot believe how lucky I was. It will be away travelling around the USA for a while, starting in Houston later this year.

Here are a couple of detail photos.

I was thrilled to be chosen because I had entered it into another exhibition and it wasn't accepted. When you are not accepted it knocks your confidence a bit, so it's even more exciting when you do get selected.

Bye for now,


Tuesday 7 March 2023

SAQA Spotlight Auction

 I belong to the International Art Quilt group called SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates), it's divided into regions and I am in the Oceania region, which covers Australia and New Zealand.

There is a conference next month in Toronto and they have asked members of all groups to make a small work that measures  6" x 8".  They will be framed and on display at the conference and people buy them and it raises money for SAQA to help with ongoing costs.

The even gave us a little cut out so our tiny quilts would be the correct measurement. Here am I testing the measurements when I started to plan my donation.

It didn't take me long to make and I think it looks better in person than in the photo.

SAQA donation

Oh well, at least I made one, I hope someone buys it.

As part of my preparation for my new carpet, I have been cleaning and clearing out my 30 years of accumulated stuff.

I donated 16 of my quilts to the recent flood victims. They are lovely quilts that have never been used but I don't need them. They are quilts that I have made from patterns over the years when I was learning. I have still kept all of the quilts that I have designed.

Donated Quilts

I am trying to be quite ruthless as I sort through my things. I have donated and given away many of my traditional quilt books. I still can't part with my arty ones though.

Bye for now,

Friday 3 March 2023

Moroccan Challenge

 The Waverley Art Quilters met last month for the first time in 2023. Everyone was very happy and enthusiastic to be back. They like the program that I have made for this year too.

Everyone received some fabric, braid and thread in a brown paper bag.

When I was in Marrakech last year, I took a photo of a beautiful pot and I used it as my inspiration.

Pot in Marrakech

I would have made the pot in that beautiful blue colour but because I had to incorporate that dark pink thread, I made a pink pot.

Morocco Challenge

 I put that curtain on the side, so I could include that beautiful blue colour and I could have a more interesting negative space.

It was interesting that only half the group actually did the challenge, but I also understand that. Sometimes you just need a break from working and enjoy the lovely summer holidays.

I had a really busy summer break because we have ordered new carpet for the lounge, dining, study, passage and my sewing room. So we decided to paint the rooms before the new carpet arrived. Moving furniture, tidying up and getting rid of things that I don't need anymore has taken ages. In fact, we are still working on it and the carpet gets installed in two weeks. Yikes! It has taken much longer that we thought it would.

Unfortunately, because my sewing room has been packed up, it is very hard to find things.  It will take time to set up the rooms again but it will be so good to get back to normal.

Bye for now,