Tuesday 25 April 2023

Rone Exhibition

 I was able to visit the latest exhibition by Australian Artist Rone at Flinders Street Station before it closed. It was a very successful sold out show. 

Office Space

 Tyrone Wright calls himself Rone and he was born in Geelong, Victoria in 1980. He creates art installations in abandoned buildings. This exhibition was held up on the third floor of busy Flinders Street Station in the city. The third floor used to be a ballroom, but it hasn't been used for many years.

His latest exhibition captures the working class life of migrant women in the 1950's 

Telegraph Office

Every room was set up as a different work space with a portrait of a woman on the wall. It looked as if people just stopped working one day, walked out and the room was left for years.

Sewing Studio

Rone and his team had sourced old furniture and materials and set them out in various rooms. 

Art Studio

I loved the portrait painted on the books, I've always loved books and libraries. 


There was dust and spiderwebs everywhere, but of course it was all part of the display. We were told the spiderwebs were made with a glue gun, they looked very realistic.


I recognised some of the products on display in the shop from when I was young.

The exhibition finished at the famous ballroom, something I have heard about for years but had never seen. It was set up as a sort of conservatory.

The Ballroom area

I really enjoyed the visit, I actually went on the day my new carpet was being installed, so that was a lovely surprise to see my new carpet at last. We also ordered a new lounge suite but that doesn't arrive until next month. Then I am thinking of getting new curtains in that room. This update is going to take all year, I think!

Bye for now,


Tuesday 18 April 2023

AQC 2023

 After four years the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) was back in Victoria. We just slipped into it like it had never been away.

It was held at the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building, such a lovely place to spend our time.

The Royal Exhibition Building

 Even though I live in Melbourne, I stayed in the city so I didn't have to drive back and forward every day. I stayed with Clare, a lady that I met on the Morocco Tour. 

I took a photo from upstairs where the classes were being held.

Every year, they run a challenge and this year's theme was called In Full Bloom. I didn't make one this year but my friend, Sue de Vanny won 1st prize.

Grow Around You by Sue de Vanny

Second place went to Elizabeth Dubbelde for her quilt, Denim in Bloom

Denim in Bloom by Elizabeth Dubbelde

Viewer' Choice went to someone else I know, Karen McGregor for her quilt A Feast of Nectar. She was absolutely thrilled.

Karen McGregor with A Feast of Nectar.

Here is a close up photo, she had thread painted the birds and the blossoms.

A Feast of Nectar detail

There was a miniature quilt display by award winning artist Kumiko Frydl, she was also a teacher at the Convention.

Kumiko Frydl Display.

We had never seen such perfect miniatures before, every one was a treasure. The one below was only 10.5 inches square.

Mission Impossible 2 by Kumiko Frydl

There was also a display of quilts from the International du Carrefour European Patchwork Meeting in France. They were so different from our quilts. It was especially good to meet the French ladies because I am going to their next show in France in September this year.

This was the quilt that was on their posters and advertising.

Brave Lucy by Rhoda Bennett

The Australian Quilt Show is in it's second year and this year I entered 2 quilts. The prizes were announced on Wednesday night at the cocktail party. I was absolutely thrilled to win 3 prizes for my quilt Life Goes On

I was sitting next to Gloria Loughman and she won 2 prizes for her quilt, so we excitedly had a photo together.

I was so surprised to win a prize, I didn't even have a photo of it. I put the news that I had won the prizes on Facebook and people started asking to see a photo. I had to wait until the next morning to pin the rosettes and have a photo taken.

Life Goes On by Linda Steele

I won a Judges Commendation for Modern Quilts and Best Machine quilting for a mid or longarm machine and Best Abstract quilt. How amazing, you just never know!

Best of Show went to another modern, abstract quilt by Lyn Crump.

Bev 10-08 by Lyn Crump.

It was a wonderful four days and so lovely to catch up with all my quilting friends from all over Australia. We even managed a catch up with the SAQA Oceania group, normally we only see each other via Zoom.

SAQA Oceania Meeting

Everyone loves the Quilt Convention, which is why people travel from all over Australia to be there. The dates have already been set for April next year.

Bye for now,


Tuesday 11 April 2023

Angie Lewin Printmaker

 We studied printmaker Angie Lewin in the Waverley Art Quilters this month. Angie lives in England and she has a very successful career. One of the reasons we decided to study her apart from the fact her work is wonderful, it was a chance to look at how she simplifies botanical shapes.

I have had Angie Lewin's book for a few years now.

It's a wonderful book to study because it shows her drawings and her printing blocks. Actually, I have only ever looked at the photos in the book. I must put it near my bed to actually read it.

I chose one of her botanical works as inspiration.

Work by Angie Lewin

I ended up following her work more closely than I usually do. I decided to use her colours because it is a combination that I would never normally choose. I would never usually put the darkest colour up the top either.

I was going to turn it into a coral reef quilt and add fish, but in the end I decided to just use her work as a learning experience.

Inspired by Angie Lewin

I learnt that I should probably be more adventurous with colour. I also learnt that a very busy lower half of a work can balance the top dark colour.

Most of all I learnt to appreciate her work even more, because there is so much detail and work involved in her prints. Wow, these prints must take her ages to make.

Set up for AQC, the Australasian Quilt Convention starts tomorrow, it will be good to catch up with some of the interstate quilters that I haven't seen for a few years.

Bye for now,


Wednesday 5 April 2023

Preparing for AQC

 The Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC) is on next week and Victorian Quilters help Expertise Events put on the show. We help them set up and provide tutor helpers and white glove people to look after the quilts.

AQC hasn't been held in Melbourne for four years because of Covid. That four years has really flown but we are all 4 years older and we have been having trouble getting enough volunteers to help.

This year for the first time the Australian Quilt Show will be held at the Convention. I entered two quilts, mainly because I wanted some gone while we were preparing for the new carpet. I was thrilled to find out that my quilts were both accepted and will go on tour around Australia this year.

I entered Life Goes On and First Day Fears.

Life Goes On by Linda Steele

First Day Fears by Linda Steele

We had the family over last weekend for my youngest son's birthday and we managed to get a photo of the grandchildren-it's like herding cats!

We are all prepared for Easter too.

Bye for now,