Thursday 13 September 2018

AQS Fall Paducah 2018

I seem to be having a lucky run at the moment because this week I got an email saying that I had won a prize in the American Quilters Fall Paducah Show.

I couldn't believe it; I haven't won a prize in the AQS shows for years.

Yesterday I got the good news that my quilt The Bleaching had won 3rd place in the Pictorial Wall category. What an honour and a thrill.

The quilt is about how Coral Reefs are suffering with higher temperatures which is causing the coral to bleach or lose colour and turn white, after a while it dies. I wanted a happy ending to the story though, so in the last section it is the reef regenerating.

Here are some detail photos.

I really enjoyed making this quilt and I'm happy that many others seem to like it as well.

Bye for now,

Wednesday 5 September 2018

The Best News

We've had an exciting time around here as we have welcomed a new little bundle into our family. My daughter Bec and her husband Andrew had a new baby girl and they've called her Anna.


I am lucky that they live very close to me and so I got the call at 3 o'clock in the morning that Bec was in labour and I went over to stay at their house to mind big brother Jack so Andrew could be at the birth.

Here is the family just a few hours after the birth. They look pretty good for not much sleep!

My husband and I went back again that evening for a little cuddle.

I have been going over every day to help Bec out, I am mainly playing around with Jack while Anna is feeding. Jack has been looking forward to my visits because Mummy always seems to be busy with the baby. Poor little Jack has only just turned 2 and is always asking us to put the baby down!

Little cousin Savannah who is now 3 1/2 came over for a cuddle.

Everyone was over at my place for Father's Day last Sunday and I tried to get a photo of me with the 3 grandchildren, but it was like herding cats. This is the best photo, Jack did not want to sit down and have his photo taken.

Here is Anna having her 2 week old photo I can't believe she will be 3 weeks old in a couple of days, the weeks are flying by in a blur.

Anna 2 weeks old
So I am not getting any sewing done but I love that I am able to help my daughter out at this busy time.

Bye for now,