Tuesday 26 April 2022

Waverley Patchworkers turns 40

 Waverley Patchworkers turned 40 in 2021, but our celebrations had to be put on hold because of Covid restrictions. However, last month we had our party at the Box Hill golf club. It was a lovely lunch and so nice to see everyone after so long.

They had a quilt challenge called Ruby Surprise. I made one of my coral reef quilts.

It wasn't very adventurous, I must admit, but I just couldn't think of anything else to do. Here is a detail photo.

My favourite was the ballet shoes, I never did find out who made it.

 My other favourite won a prize, it was a clever present.

All the challenge quilts were displayed at the lunch.

There weren't that many really, I think that most people were feeling a bit down and uninspired after all the lockdowns.

Still it was a lovely day and hopefully all those lockdowns and restrictions are over now.

Bye for now,


Tuesday 19 April 2022

Life Member of Waverley Patchworkers Inc.

 At the end of last year, I was very proud to be made a life member of Waverley Patchworkers. I received my badge and certificate at our meeting last month because it was our first in-person meeting.

It was a great honour and never expected that it would happen to me. This is what was written in our newsletter. 

Linda joined Waverley Patchworkers in 1999 and since
then has become an internationally renowned quilter
winning prizes in Victoria, Australia and overseas.

She has been a member of the main committee for a total
of 6 years: 1 year as Trading Table coordinator; 2 years as
Workshops coordinator; 2 years as President and 1 year as
Vice-President and Rosters coordinator.

In addition to this she was on the Waverley Quilt Show
committee for 2 years and then convened the show for 3
exhibitions. This led onto being Convenor of the Victorian
Quilters Showcase Exhibitions. Linda’s sharing of
knowledge and inspiration through convening the Art
Quilters Group has been exceptional. Those who attend
this group speak of her leadership and monthly challenge
to members to explore their creativity as a highlight in
their quilting journeys. This quiet support and
encouragement of quilters has enabled many members to
advance their quilting skills and their enjoyment of

It is recognition of both her expertise and skill in quilting
and the roles that Linda has held at Waverley
Patchworkers and Victorian Quilters that has earned her
this award.

Congratulations Linda!

There are not many members who have been made a life member and I feel very humbled because I really look up to those who have gone before me.

Bye for now,

Tuesday 12 April 2022

SAQA Haven Acceptance

 I received the wonderful news that my quilt, Melbourne Malaise was accepted into the SAQA exhibition 'Haven'. SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) is an international art quilt group and it is a big deal to be accepted.

Melbourne Malaise.

In 2020, we went into stage 4 lockdown, where we were only allowed to exercise for an hour a day within 5km of home. Even though we were surrounded by birds and flowers all we could think about were the Covid numbers and news reports. It seemed as if home was the only safe place to be. 

I thought my quilt would be a good fit for the exhibition but I was still amazed that it was accepted.

I had decided to take a month or so off from writing my blog but suddenly it is April! I have been really busy with family and also having lots of fun doing some on-line art classes.

My daughter and her family have built a new house and they had to live with us for a couple of weeks before the house was ready. It was hectic with 8 people living here and my youngest son came down with Covid, so we were short a bathroom because he had to be isolated. Anyway, we got through it and none of us caught it. He was sick for a few days with a terrible sore throat, but after 7 days he was fine.

Jack and Anna are only 5 and 3 years old so it was non stop fun and adventure, not to mention all the cooking! Jack started school and Anna started 3yo kinder and the times clashed at first so I had to help with the school runs too.

Our Art Quilters group had a holiday challenge, this is what we all received.

While I was tidying up my fabrics, I came across and lovely arty fabric that went perfectly with the neutral colours.

I put them all together and made a cover for one of my sketchbooks. Those black covered sketchbooks all look the same on the shelf, so this is a good way to tell them apart.

Unfortunately, we had a spike in Covid cases and we have only met via Zoom but this month we should meet in person for the first time this year. It will be good to see everyone.

I also went to see the Australian ballet with my daughter, it was the first performance for two years. Here we are enjoying lunch before the show.

I got my blog posts from last year made into a book and it reminded me that my blog is so handy for remembering how I do certain things, I refer to them often.

I think things have settled back into a normal pattern now and I can get back into a blog routine. I must admit that I am doing more painting than sewing lately. I am not good at it, but I love doing it. Maybe I'll get better with practice!

Bye for now,