I am an Australian Quilter, Accredited Judge, Appraiser and teacher who lives in Melbourne, Victoria .

When my fourth child started school in 1997, my life was changed forever  when I walked into a Patchwork shop in Canterbury and enrolled in a 10 week patchwork class for beginners.

Nothing is as wonderful as that first inkling of an idea for a new quilt. Sometimes it approaches quietly and I have to stop and listen before it evaporates away. Other times it is so obvious that I wonder why it has taken me so long to get around to it. You never know when a new idea will come. Often it is inspired by a fabric, an Art Gallery visit, a book or a television show.

My Crazy, Appliqué and Art and Contemporary Quilts don't belong on beds, they go on the wall for all to admire.

2002 became the year of the UFO(unfinished objects); unfinished quilts distress the organised type like me. Those new ideas must wait in line for their predecessors to be finished.

I have been fortunate to win two Best of Shows at the Victorian Quilters Showcase and have won prizes in Houston, Paducah, Chicago and Best of Australia in the World Quilt Show.

My quilts have been juried and accepted into exhibitions throughout Australia, USA, England and China.

Follow my blog and sit with me amongst the fabric and thread. Hear the whirr of the sewing machine and the gentle sounds of a quilt in progress.

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rosalynd said...

Hi Linda, I'm a crazypatchwork quilter of 20+yrs. I would love to participate in a round robin project. Do you know of an online group? I live in Lake Macquarie NSW Regards Rosalynd O'Shannassy

Linda Steele said...

I'm sorry, Rosalynd, the group that I used to belong to doesn't do it anymore.
Try encouraging some friends or put out a notice in your local quilt group, you'd be surprised to see the number of people who've done embroidery in the past.