Tuesday 23 July 2019

One Step Further 2019

One Step Further is the art quilt exhibition and competition run by Victorian Quilters Inc. every two years.
This year it has been organised by Sue de Vanny and myself on behalf  of Victorian Quilters.

Last Saturday we had the opening at the wonderful Bundoora Homestead to a very large crowd of people.

Here is a photo of Sue and myself with the 2 judges a couple of days before the opening. The judges this year were award winning art quilter Jan Frazer and Art teacher Edwina Cherry.

Me, Jan Frazer, Edwina Cherry and Sue de Vanny at Judging
The two judges worked really well together, I didn't envy their job because there are so many wonderful pieces in the show.

Here I am at the opening announcing the winner with Sue de Vanny and major sponsor from Brother Australia, John Timmins.

Me announcing the Winner with Sue de Vanny and John Timmins from Brother Australia
The winner of One Step Further 2019 was Sandra Champion with her quilt Sea Wall no.6

Sea Wall no.6 by Sandra Champion

The Runner Up Award went to Sue Reid for her work And the Wheels go Round no.4. Here is Sue in front of her quilt with Fibre Arts sponsors, Glenys Mann and Noni

Sue Reid with Fibre Arts Sponsors Glenys Mann and Noni

Rebecca Wolske received an Honorable Mention for her innovative quilt, Leaves Falling-Autumn Calling.

Rebecca Wolske with Leaves Falling-Autumn Calling

Another Honorable Mention went to Lynette Weeks for her quilt Waiting for the Billy to Boil. Unfortunately Lynette couldn't be at the opening this year.

Waiting for the Billy to Boil by Lynette Weeks.

Here are some photos of the winners without people in front of them.

Winner 2019- Sea Wall no.6 by Sandra Champion

Runner Up 2019- And the Wheels go Round No.4 by Sue Reid

Highly Commended- Leaves Falling-Autumn Calling by Rebecca Wolske

As I said there were so many other wonderful textile works on display, I was so glad that I didn't have to pick the winners.

If I get a chance I'll post some of the other work later in the week.

The exhibition is on until the 1st September at the historic Bundoora Homestead. 7 Prospect Hill Drive, Bundoora

Bundoora Homestead is open Thursday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

There is also a lovely cafe on site.

I will be there again in a couple of weeks.
On Saturday 3rd August at 2pm because there are going to be floor talks with 4 of the artists.

Be for now,

Saturday 20 July 2019

Exhibition Success

I have been doing some contemporary quilts this year and have entered them into some exhibitions.

I was absolutely thrilled to get two acceptances recently and it's a thrill to have my name amongst some very well-known art quilters.

The exhibitions haven't started yet so I can only show little detail shots until the exhibitions open.

My quilt called The Arguments got into Dare to Differ.

The Arguments-detail

The next quilt I did is called Coral Tragedy and it got into the very prestigious Art Quilt Australia 2019.

Coral Tragedy-detail

I was so happy to receive the good news with these quilts because they are so different to the work I have done for the last 20 years. I am really enjoying doing the contemporary quilts though.

Bye for now,

Monday 15 July 2019


I am a member of the Waverley Art Quilters and every month we study a different artist or theme. Last month we were looking at Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama.

She was born on the 22nd March 1929. I watched a documentary on her recently and she seems quite an eccentric character. It's hard to believe that she turned 90 this year and still makes art every day.

Kusama is most famous for her dot obsession and I must admit they are fascinating.

I didn't have much time to do a little quilt study this time, so I grabbed some black and white spot fabric and cut it into dots.

It looked too simple and so I cut some more plain black circles and added them to the top.


It is quilted in the above photo. I did straight, horizontal lines, which is quite fashionable at the moment. Hard to see though, because I quilted with black cotton onto the black section of the fabric.

There is a permanent exhibition of one of her installations in the National Australian Gallery in Canberra. I happen to be going to Canberra next month and it is on my list of things to do there.

If you haven't heard of Yayoi Kusama, I recommend that you Google her, you are in for a colourful surprise.

Bye for now,