Thursday, 17 May 2012

Do you Design?

I started designing my own quilts in 2004. I certainly never expected to go in that direction when I first started quilting. Once I started on that road, I couldn't stop. I get so much pleasure from it.
Designing is not particularly easy for me and it takes a long time but it is so satisfying.
I never know when an idea will strike but it is often mixed up  with my life experiences somehow. We are all a product of our past. Even if we experience the same thing as a friend, our reactions to it are based in part on our life experience.

I recently read a blog post by a quilt designer, Tanya Brown who has documented her design process on her latest quilt. This is a rare pleasure. Quilt designers are usually too caught up in the trials and tribulations of designing and creating to stop and think and write about what they have done.

I don't know Tanya Brown but she was kind to me once. My quilt Crazy About Ballet was in Houston and she took a photo of it hanging there and emailed me a copy. She didn't have to do that but it warmed my heart. I have followed her blog ever since.
Crazy about Ballet © 2007 Linda Steele

Here is the link to Tanya Brown's latest blog post about the beautiful art quilt that she has finished.
I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into her designing.

Bye for now,


Judy Warner said...

Hi Linda,
I too love designing my own pieces. I found Tanya's blog entry a few days ago and thought it was just a wonderful glimpse into her process. It encourages me in my own work to keep exploring and plugging away. Best of times in following your own path.

Linda Steele said...

Yes Judy,it is encouraging to have a glimpse into other people's worlds and thoughts. Quilting can be a solitary pastime.