Tuesday, 4 February 2014

More Wedding Photos

My daughter Alison got married just before Christmas and the professional photos have arrived. Some people wanted to see a photo of me at the wedding so I just thought I would post a couple more wedding photos.

Here is my family, my very supportive husband and four beautiful children.

Family Photo
You can see that I wore a white dress with black lace and a black satin jacket.

I will post a couple more photos of Alison so you can see the beautiful dress that she wore. She's always been an old fashioned girl and wanted to be a traditional bride. She didn't wear a pair of jeans until she was 12 years old; it was only pretty dresses for her.

I won't bore you with anymore photos but it was a beautiful wedding and we are very proud of her. There are some more photos in the post I wrote on 8th January.

It has been a couple of busy years for me with both daughters getting married and after the cruise later this month I am looking forward to life slowing down a little and I have plans to start a new quilt at last!

Bye for now,