Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Round Robin Blocks

I participated in a Round Robin with the on-line group the Southern Cross Crazies this year. We had to make 6 x 6" crazy blocks and then send them on to the next person on the list of participants. That person chooses a block to embroider and then sends them on to the next person on the list. Eventually you receive your blocks back and they are all beautifully embroidered.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the blocks so I just made up 6 blocks in various colours of silk fabrics and thought I might end up putting them in a sample book.

Unfortunately I have only received 5 of them back. One of the people participating had a few problems and has got behind so I'll have to wait to show everyone the last block another time.

I'll show my base block first and then show how the blocks are improved by the beautiful embroidery.

Blue base
Blue block

Pink Base

Pink Block
Purple Base
Purple Block
Red Base
Red Block
Yellow Block
Yellow Block
So I am only waiting on my green block to come back to me. It is a lovely way to see some beautiful embroidery up close and everyone has a different style so there is always something new to discover.
Anyone is allowed to participate in the Round Robins including beginners, in fact it is usually a good way to learn a lot and beginners won't be thought of as beginners for long.

I am concentrating on a new quilt of my own now and so I don't anticipate being part of another Round Robin for the next 12 months or so.
There is something exciting happening in my family next month that could end up being quite time consuming but a very enjoyable distraction! I wonder if anyone can guess what it is!!

Bye for now,


Sharon said...

If it is the same thing that happened in my family late last year it has been the most wonderful distraction that keeps giving... :)

Lorraine said...

All the blocks from the RR have turned out beautiful! I have a feeling I may know what this distraction is....

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Sharon and Lorraine, all will be revealed soon.

Dawn said...

Just love seeing how the plain blocks are transformed with the beautiful embellishments. I have just enrolled in a Basic Crazy Quilt Class with Shawkl so hopefully I can learn and then maybe join the round robin. I'm sure I can guess what the distraction is :)

Linda Steele said...

Fantastic Dawn, I am sure you will love it.

Gina E. said...

Your blocks are exquisitely embellished, Linda. I would love to reach that standard of stitching!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Gina, those blocks are beautiful and I feel lucky to have them.