Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Balance in the Wetlands

I belong to SAQA  and the Australian and New Zealand members have a private Facebook page where we can communicate and get to know each other. There is a challenge posted four times a year and we can make a small quilt using the theme if we'd like.

The latest challenge was Balance.
I thought about the topic for a while and I started to think about being out of balance. I remembered being on holidays during Victoria's ten years of drought. I always like to visit any wetlands while I am away because I love birds and I am always keen to take photos of them. I was dismayed to find no birds and the wetlands dry and barren.

So I made a small quilt about there having to be a balance of sun and rain for the birds to be at the wetlands.

I had a photo of an Ibis and I put him in a lush wetland environment.

After I had fused the pieces onto the background I used my sewing machine to add details to the Ibis and added some plants.

After I had the quilt top stitched I added some little circles with some Lumiere paint to make it look as if he was standing in the water.

Finally I quilted the water in a thread that has a slight sheen to it and quilted around the leaf shapes on the top half of the quilt. The quilt is 12" x 12" or 30cm x 30cm.

Balance in the Wetlands ©2014 Linda Steele
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