Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Happy Easter

Easter is over for another year but I always enjoy having the family all together. The weather was fine and we had a lovely BBQ lunch followed by dessert of Easter eggs and fruit. I think more Easter eggs were eaten than fruit!

We started the day with this many Easter eggs but we had much more later on because all the kids brought over eggs as well!

Savannah is 16 months old now and so could have some Easter eggs for the first time. She was given a little yellow bucket of eggs that she carried around all afternoon.

Of course she dropped those eggs many times.

She did eventually get to eat one though.

I managed to get some sewing done on the Monday holiday which made me very happy.

I think that this is the largest template that I have ever made, it is 45" across.

I made it out of freezer paper and then turned the edges with some glue because I want to try and keep it from warping.
Here it is with all the edges turned.

The next thing to do is applique it onto my quilt without it moving out of position too much.

Still, it means that I am one step closer to getting my quilt finished.

Bye for now,

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