Friday, 22 April 2016

AQC 2016 - A Matter of Time

AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) is over for another year. I went on the first day and had a wonderful time catching up with friends, looking at Quilts and of course shopping.

The A Matter of Time exhibition was on display and everyone was fascinated by all the different interpretations of the Time theme.

Here I am in front of my quilt called Life on the Reef.

Brenda Gael Smith curated the exhibition and at 12.30pm each day she gave a talk about all the quilts. They were displayed so beautifully with the colours and themes flowing through from one quilt to the next.

Here are some photos of some of the others in the exhibition.

Songlines by Annie White
Life Cycles by Eileen Campbell
Where does the Time go by Lisa Walton
Time Flies by Sally Westcott
Czech 1410 by Sue de Vanny
And the Wheels go Round by Sue Reid
This is just a small sample of the quilts in the exhibition, you can see how diverse the entries were. Brenda has a catalogue of the exhibition for sale for $20. It features a page for each quilt with a photo and description and techniques for the quilts.

In the same aisle as the Time exhibition was another exhibition by SALT (South Australian Living Textiles). They had to explore the themes of Discovery, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Creative. Here are a couple of photos from their display.

Emotional by Julie Haddrick

Emotional by Francie Mewett
Spiritual by Julie Haddrick
I love the way that Julie Haddrick adds shadows to her motifs.While I was admiring the quilts, I saw Suzanne Gummow who is one of the SALT members and was also a tutor at AQC. I took a photo of her in front of some of her quilts.

Suzanne Gummow and her Lotus series.

Here is another of Suzanne's quilts; she loves making quilts that feature vibrant flowers.

Poppies by Suzanne Gummow.
This is just a snapshot of one aisle of quilts at AQC. I took a lot more photos that I will save for another post.

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jude's page said...

looks like it was a great show, thanks for the peek.

Linda Steele said...

Everyone should try at get to AQC if they get the chance, Jude.