Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Houston Silent Auction 2016- The Reef

Every year for a few years now I have been invited to donate a quilt to the Houston Quilt Show Silent Auction. I try to make one every year as it's an honour to be asked and I am happy to support such a wonderful organisation.

I often make a little quilt that is similar to the one I have in the show but this year I wanted to keep with my Underwater theme. I called my quilt The Reef and it's 16 1/2" high and 11" wide.

I had to be quick this year as I knew I had a little grandchild on the way so I didn't take many progress photos.

Here is the quilt top before I added any stitching.

Quilt top before stitching
I remember adding a bit of paint to the background fabric because it had some sections that were too light and were a bit distracting.

Here is the little quilt all finished.

The Reef©2016 Linda Steele

I did take a couple of close up photos before I posted it off to Houston.

The Reef detail-top

The Reef detail 2
Hopefully someone will like it enough to bid on it.

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

I am sure you will have more than one bid on this piece! It's wonderful! I haven't been to Houston for years! Just don't travel anymore.... :(

Linda Steele said...

I hope someone bids Robbie. I hope to go to Houston again one day, not this year though

Gina E. said...

Do you know yet if anyone bid for your quilt, Linda? Or is it too early? The owners of our local Quilt Shop are heading off to the USA next week, not sure if they are going to the Houston show or something else.

Linda Steele said...

Houston is on next week, Gina. I hope someone bids on my quilt