Thursday, 16 February 2017

Fabric sorting

I have spent the last couple of weeks sorting out my sewing studio. Did you notice that I wrote sewing studio instead of sewing room? That is the term I am supposed to use apparently, actually I should use the term studio not sewing studio if I am to be taken seriously as an artist!

We will see how I go with that. I am sure if I say my studio to the family they will not know what I am talking about however my son in his 20's talks about his music studio all the time and nobody bats an eye.

Anyway, since coming home from the Nancy Crow classes I decided to change things around. It took ages and I got into a terrible mess.

I sorted out the fabric that I loved and wanted to keep. I packed up fabric that I loved but knew I wouldn't use again and gave it to the Waverley Patchworkers Gift quilts program.

I packed fabric that was not in the more modern style and colours but still liked into boxes and stored them out of my 'studio'. I know where they are if I want them again.

Then I got out all my plain and more modern fabrics and sorted through them.

I decided to try sorting them into values instead of colours, the way Nancy had suggested. I am not sure if I will keep them this way though. Time will tell.

I've got my lightest lights and lights separated into two drawers.

Then I have my light mediums, mediums and dark mediums.

You can see by the photo above that I am very short of light mediums and finally I have my dark and darkest dark.

Having the fabrics sorted this way makes it easy to see what I am short of but I still am undecided if this will work. If I had a green drawer for instance I could still sort them in values but they would all be values of green.

Here are my cupboards nice and organised with all drawers and plastic tubs labelled.

I didn't just sort through fabrics though, I also changed my room studio around so that I can press the seams without getting up from my machine.

So far it's working well, now I just have to get on with some sewing and find out if I am really going to like my new style and what sort of quilts I am going to make this year.

I have been buying more fabric though and I am finding it so exciting and refreshing to be bringing home some new colours.

Bye for now,


jude's page said...

YOu must feel pretty good after sorting through all that, although it is a time consuming thing to do. Looking forward to your first creation.

Linda Steele said...

It was a huge job Jude, but I love it now. You're right, now it's time to sew

Sharon said...

Linda, I looked at your makeover from room to studio and I thought to myself - whoever came up with the idea of those plastic tubs should be knighted - what would we do without them??? When ever I see glimpses into other people's stash/room/studio no matter where ever they live in the world the common denominator for storage is plastic tubs... I can appreciate your re vamp and clearing and what a big job it is... It is the letting go of the "old" and allowing the "new" to seep in and fill the space which can be the most daunting... I still have a piece of dress fabric which belonged to my Mum - she was going to make my "now in her forties" daughter a dress when she was the same age your grand daughter - as I hold it I hold those memories too...
But I also have a tub (hem, a rather largish tub) of fat quarters that "I was going to do something with" mostly bought because of their design and a dream "when I have more time in the future" Now I have more time and well, you would probably be able to fill the gaps here with reasons why I haven't done anything with them...
From what I am hearing you say I can see a whole new horizon in front of you coupled with the new adventures that that will bring... All the best and I look forward to seeing what comes forth from your studio...

Sharon H

Robbie said...

Well, I'm impressed!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, when doing a big clean up there is always a time in the middle that you have such a mess but there is no going back and you just have to keep going.

Linda Steele said...

Thank you for your lovely long comment Sharon. I agree about the plastic boxes, we would've been rich by now if we'd invented them. I have many things that I keep for sentimental value but as I get older I realise that my children do not have that attachment to them and they will find them a nuisance when we are finally gone. I have heard of people that take a photo of the sentimental item and then get rid of it. Probably a good idea.