Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Crazy Patch Swap 2017

I belong to an online Crazy Patchwork group called the Southern Cross Crazies, we are a pretty quiet group with busy lives but every so often we have a swap or some sort of activity. I decided to participate in the latest one because I am doing a lot of machine work at the moment and I thought it would be nice to have some handwork to do.

There are 6 participants so I had to make up 5 crazy patchwork bases and send them off to the next person on the list. They choose one block to work on for the month and then they get sent onto the next person to work on.

Here are the blocks that I made up, I used silk fabrics.

 It can be hard to photograph silk because it reflects light back onto the camera. They look better than in the photographs.

I received Patti's blocks in the mail, some of her blocks were green and some were cream. I chose a green block.

Patti's base block

She was quite specific in that she wanted cream thread on the green blocks and green thread on the cream blocks.

It took a lot of the decision making away when you can only use one colour. I managed to finish it quickly, well ahead of the allotted time.

Patti's block complete
I think that it looks pretty, I've been a bit worried that the lace flower motif is too big for the spot and it takes the eye away from the centre. I've been torn about whether to leave it or not and in the end I have decided to keep it. If she really hates it she can remove it and put something smaller.

Bye for now,


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Second try...

I am sorry I missed out on this RR Linda, I belong to SCC too, but have not been an active member in the group - apart from lurking and looking at the pretties - for years. Perhaps next time I will feel a little more confident in participating...
I really like Patti's base block, and while your eye is directed to the lace motif it helped me "rest" for a moment and it was also a starting place to begin my "journey" around the other stitches... It looks lovely and I have lingered taking it all in...
My daughter and I were looking at all my scraps of fabric the other day and she asked me why I kept them - I replied that I was 'crazy" - the look on her face was doubtful to whether I was being serious or not...
I look forward to keeping a more active eye on the group and watch the progression of these blocks... Take care...

Linda Steele said...

Hi Sharon,
There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about doing crazy patchwork embroidery. You should definitely participate in our next challenge. Thank you for your kind comments about the work I had done and don't throw out those scraps just yet!