Thursday, 15 March 2018

Fabric Paint for Mono Printing

In my last post I wrote about printing with a gelatin plate on paper. After a while I thought I would change to printing on fabric because it is fabric that I enjoy working with the most.

I got out all the fabric paints that I had on hand.

Fabric Paints

I had done a lot of prints on paper but I knew that it was more difficult on fabric. I also knew that paint sits on the top of fabric and can make the fabric stiff, something I didn't want especially when it comes to quilting.

I decided to do some testing and kept everything the same. The same white fabric and the same stencil shapes. I did a lot of printing that day. Here they are drying

I used the paints straight out of the bottle, some were a very thin consistency and so they might have performed better if they had been thickened. Those tests will have to wait for another day.

I was looking for paint that kept the fabric soft and printed clearly. Here's how they worked out it order.

1. Texcraft Dual Purpose
Texcraft Dual Purpose- soft hand and clear print

2. Setacolor Transparent
Pebeo Setacolor transparent- Soft hand and clear print

3. Sun Dyes
Sun Dyes- Very thin and runny but worked well with a soft hand and clear print

4. Gems
Texcraft Gems- medium hand a fuzzy print

5. Speedball
Speedball fabric paint- Fuzzy print and oil smell

6. Derivan Screen Ink
Derivan Screen Ink- Bubbly well rolling out and a lot of paint went through the fabric, fuzzy image

7.Tulip Fabric Paint
Tulip Fabric Paint, very runny, came through fabric, fuzzy print- rough feel

8. Derivan Fabric Paint
Derivan Fabric Paint- Came through the fabric, fuzzy image

9. Tsukineko Ink
Tsukineko Ink- very runny and thin, came through fabric

10. Setacolor Opaque
Setacolor opaque- Very pale print

To be fair some of these paints and inks were not meant for mono printing on a gelatin plate, but I wanted to find out what worked best for me so I didn't spend time or money in the future buying paints that didn't suit me.

When I found what I liked best I started to do some more prints, combining colours and using different stencils.

I still have a long way to go with this technique and not sure yet if it's something I will keep using. So time will tell. I really love making these prints though, it's very addictive.

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