Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sydney Quilt Show 2018

I was very honoured to be asked to judge the Sydney Quilt Show this year. It is the biggest quilt show in Australia and with over 400 quilts it was a big task. Luckily we had two days to judge and we did our best to be fair and choose the prizes. There were some huge categories and with only a certain number of available prizes and so many fantastic quilts missed out on a prize including some of my favourites.

I was the interstate judge and the other two were Sandra Lyons and Belinda Betts, both from Sydney. Here is a photo of us at the Prize giving ceremony, we were lucky to have front row seats.

Belinda, Linda and Sandra
I hadn't met them before but we got on well and managed to pick the winners with friendly debate.

Best of Show went to Jenny Bowker with her quilt After the Last Sky. Jenny Bowker has written a large blog post all about her winning quilt so please click on her name to find out all about it.

After the Last Sky by Jenny Bowker.

Here is a selection of some other quilts that I liked, some are prize winners and some missed out.

Flannel Flower by Amanda Daly

Rebecca by Carolina Da Mata

Star Talk by Caroline Sharkey

Painted Magnolia by Catherine Butterworth

Painted Magnolia was a beautiful quilt by Catherine and you really need to see a detail photo to appreciate it properly.

Painted Magnolia detail

Shag by Catherine Mosely

Floris Circularis by Denise Griffiths

Faces of India by Helen Godden and Jonathan Evans

Hannah by Leanne Harvey

Feather and Pearls by Linda Crouch

The Explorer by Michelle Marvig and Leanne Harvey

Toffee Apple by Leanne Cuthbertson

Arctic Celebrities by Vicki Martin

Matariki +/- 1 by Wendy Welsh

At the end of the judging, each judge is able to choose her Judges Choice and I chose Reflection of Love by Jennifer Horsford because I really liked the quilt and I was disappointed when it didn't get a prize.

Reflections of Love by Jennifer Horsford

Each Judge has a quilt on display and I chose to display my quilt The Bleaching.

The Bleaching by Linda Steele

I took many more photos and some I haven't put here because my photo did not show it at its best.

I really enjoyed my time in Sydney and would like to thank the President Megan Manwaring and Exhibition Coordinator Sandra Harvey and all the Quilt NSW committee and members for being so kind and welcoming to me.
I stayed with Quilt NSW life member Lynn Hewitt and she took care of my every need and I felt very pampered in Sydney.

Please click on the QuiltNSW link to see all the winning quilts.

Bye for now,


Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Hi Linda. It was lovely to finally meet you in person in Sydney. The judging must have been a huge task, because there was such a wide variety of quilts. Thank you for including my quilt in your blog post above. Your own quilt (The Bleaching) is amazing.

Anonymous said...

WOW, what incredible designs! Those are some real beauties. Thank you for sharing so many pictures with us.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Wendy, I also loved finally seeing you in person, I have met so many wonderful people at quilt shows.