Thursday, 21 November 2019

Metamorphosis Exhibition

On Tuesday, I went to the Art Quilt Exhibition with the theme of Metamorphosis. It is put on by the AQIPP group, which stands for Australian Quilts in Public Places. It is run every two years and I have been exhibiting in the last 3 exhibitions.

Here I am in front of my quilt yesterday.

My quilt is called Sunken Treasure and is about a shipwreck that becomes an artificial coral reef.

Sunken Treasure ©2019 Linda Steele
I didn't win a prize this year but I was still happy to be included in the exhibition.

The winner was Linden Lancaster with her quilt Run the Fire and it is certainly a worthy winner.

Run the Fire by Linden Lancaster

I have seen photos of this on Facebook and some people asked if it was a photo. I was surprised to see it up close because it is actually made on very small snippets of fabric.

Run the Fire detail
If you click on the photo you should be able to see the small snippets.

Next to my quilt was Sue de Vanny's gorgeous quilt, I think we were put together because of the underwater theme.

Danseurs de Meduses by Sue de Vanny

What a beautiful quilt! Here is a detail photo. The top is quite heavily thread painted and the jelly fish frill underneath is 3D.

Danseurs de Meduses detail

The winner of the Best use of Colour Award went to Michelle Mischkulnig for Change Born on the Breeze. Her quilt was about the changing seasons.

Change Born on the Breeze by Michelle Mischkulnig

Karen McGregor from the Waverley Art Quilters entered a quilt about a little rock wallaby, he was done in wool and looked so soft.

Rock to Rock-Wallaby by Karen McGregor

Here is a closer picture of the dear little wallaby

A small quilt caught my eye, it had lots of detail.

Moths Flight by Bree Thomas.

There were so many different interpretations of the theme Metamorphosis and the gallery had hung everything so well, in colour themes so there was nothing jarring, the exhibition really flowed.

The exhibition is on at the Box Hill Town Hall on Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. Victoria, Australia.

Free admission and open until the 21st December, so there's still plenty of time to get there.

Tuesday-Friday 10-4
Saturday 12-4

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

Thanks for our 'free admission' to see some of the show. I'm sure the underwater grouping was fabulous!!! Love your piece each time I see it!!!

Linda Steele said...

Glad you enjoyed the show, Robbie, thank you

Mary J Puckett said...

That looks like an amazing exhibit--thanks for sharing!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Mary, it was a very high standard and I hope it is well attended