Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Working in a Series - June

I am persisting with my circle series this year. I wanted to change the colours though, I was sick of the pink and green.

I got out a slightly different palette one night and left it ready for me to begin the following day. I had decided to stick with the hot pink as before but instead of the yellow green, I went for turquoise and mustard.

The next morning I didn't like the colours as much. I decided to just use the turquoise and add a couple more blues.

I wasn't so keen on the triangle background that I had done last time, I felt that it didn't work well with the circles.

Series 1, no 4

I went back to black and white stripes, but this time I pieced the stripes in the top third differently.

I was going for a group of circles to cover that join in the fabrics.

Series 1, no.5

You can see that I had to add some orange spots, it looked too plain to just use the blues. I actually quite like it. I am surprised that it doesn't look top heavy and out of balance. Maybe all those stripes underneath the circles add some perceived weight!

It's just a fused top, no stitching around the circles or any quilting. It's just a design exercise and I don't want to waste time finishing it off unless I need to.

I wonder how many combinations of circles I will come up with?

Bye for now,


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think I like this new one the best of them all. Possibly because I love blue but I don't think that's the entire reason. I think the orange spots are the perfect accent and that pop of colour that was needed. Looking forward to no. 6!

Mary said...

I love your circles!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Magpie Mumblings.I wonder if I'll run out of ideas!

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Mary, I must admit I seem to be addicted to circles!

Robbie said...

I just love the circles!!! And I don't even care what color you're using!!!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Robbie