Tuesday, 20 April 2021

SAQA Convention 2021

 The SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Conference is on at the moment. This year it is a virtual conference because no international travel is allowed. It is being hosted by the Oceania region which is Australia and New Zealand. There have been lots of guest speakers and presentations from Australia and New Zealand and it has been wonderful. It's only day 4 and I feel as if I have my money's worth already. It is very inspiring and it is obvious that a lot of work has gone into producing such a great conference.

I did a lightening talk on day 2; it is where you present 20 photos and talk for 20 seconds about each one.

My talk was about Working in a Series and how one thing leads to another.

I showed a photo of a couple of my crazy quilts explaining that it was how I started doing my own designs.

Then I showed many of my Coral Reef quilts and spoke about them.

Next, I spoke about my contemporary series of quilts that explores emotions.

Then I talked about my circle series from 2020, anyone who reads my blog has followed on with that saga!

I pre-recorded my talk a week beforehand, so I could watch with everyone else. My husband walked by and said that my voice sounded much deeper and I realised that my cold was coming on before I realised that I had it. I didn't notice a sore throat until that night!

I have lots of lovely compliments from people saying that they enjoyed my talk, which is really nice, they didn't have to say anything.

There was a juried challenge for artists from Australia and New Zealand with the theme Distance and Diversity. I was thrilled to be accepted with my quilt Reef Revelations. We weren't allowed to show it until after it was shown at the conference and the slide show of the exhibition was on this morning, so I can show the quilt now.

Reef Revelations ©2021Linda Steele

The conference is on every day until next Sunday and it begins with an artist studio tour and then onto different talks on various topics. The great thing is that it is all recorded and we can watch as much as we want for 3 months.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds wonderful! It's great that organizations such as this have managed to find a way around all the restrictions and still be able to mount a show. Our way of life has certainly changed in so many ways and we all miss being able to do the physical shows. What would we do without the internet!!!

Robbie said...

First off, hope you're feeling better and your cold didn't get the best of you!!! Is there a link for us to see the SAQA event? I couldn't find anything on their web site.

Linda Steele said...

That is so true Magpie Mumblings, what a boon the internet is! Although I spend way too long sitting down, the world is at our fingertips.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, I am starting to feel much better now. The SAQA conference is available to members only and it cost money to attend virtually. The conference is already at the halfway point and so registrations are closed now. I am not sure if you are a SAQA member or not but I can recommend it, especially after this conference experience.