Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Permission to Play

 I signed up for a 12 month on-line Art course with an Australian artist named Laura Horn. I think I must have seen Laura's art in Instagram and liked her style and when she advertised her new course, I signed up.

I am not expecting to become a painter and I already have so much to do but I did feel ready for a challenge. The last couple of years have sort of taken a toll on me and I felt a bit burnt out and needed something fresh and new to inspire me.

The first month was called Permission to Play. I got out my paints and practiced some mark making and did some acrylic painting.

Then I decided to make paint swatches of my paints, so I knew what they actually were. It was time consuming but fun.

Because I went away for 2 weeks, that is all I managed to get done in month one. I am being very kind to myself and realise that I am a beginner to all this and do not expect to make any masterpieces. I hope that I can stay in that frame of mind.

Month 2 has just started and we are playing around with watercolour paints, water soluble crayons and Inktense pencils. I am enjoying myself.

I am also busy receiving entries for the Victorian Quilters Showcase and organising a quilt exhibition for Kyabram in June and July. Lots to do.

I posted my quilt Melbourne Malaise off to SAQA in the USA this week. It will tour around with the SAQA Haven exhibition to various locations for 2 or 3 years. I wonder if we will have forgotten all about Covid when I see this quilt again.

Melbourne Malaise by Linda Steele

Bye for now,



Mary said...

I can’t imagine we will ever forget COVID. It’s been a huge disruption of life almost everywhere.

Linda Steele said...

I think you are right, Mary. It seems as if everyone I know has it at the moment.