Tuesday, 14 June 2022

AQC 2022

A  couple of weeks ago I flew up to Brisbane with my friend Jill to AQC (The Australasian Quilt Convention). It's the usual story, it didn't go ahead in 2020 or 2021 and it's usually held in Melbourne, where I live. Apparently the venue couldn't guarantee that it would be available because it has been a vaccination centre. I usually work with the event company to organise and hang the quilts etc., so I was glad to go up and be a visitor for a change.

The weather was lovely and warm and the theme was celebrate, which is exactly how everyone felt after so long.

It was so good to catch up with quilting friends from all over Australia once more. There was a cocktail party the first night.

Here I am with my friend Jill, ready to enjoy our time up there.

I also caught up with my friend Julie Haddrick and we loved that Brisbane skyline, it added to the party atmosphere.

Women come from all over Australia to do classes, shop and look at quilts. Jill and I weren't doing any classes, we shopped and went to a couple of lectures, enjoyed the gala dinner and caught up with friends.

The quilt displays at the Convention are mainly art quilts, which are my favourite, so I love the show.

There were many different exhibitions. The challenge was called 'Going Green'. I didn't get a chance to make anything but I loved seeing everyone's ideas.

The winner was Harmony in Green by Rachelle Denneny.

Second Prize went to They're Bagged by Kathryn Harmer Fox.

I also liked Nature's Resilience by Raylene Richardson.

Another Exhibition was The State of the Art 2020.

First Prize went to Water Course by Brenda Wood.

Second Prize went to Pam Hill for Blue Space.

The SAQA, Beyond the Mirror exhibition is in Australia too and I was so pleased to see the quilt, Becoming one with the Night by Bobbi Baugh.

 My friend Sue de Vanny had a display of her quilts up there and she was doing a floor talk every morning at 11. We went along the first morning to help encourage a crowd and ask questions! Here she is mid-talk.

Gloria Loughman also had a display of her quilts, it was so good to see them again, we also enjoyed her lecture. Here's Gloria's famous Boab Tree quilt.

I also love her Fern Pool quilt.

Fern Pool by Gloria Loughman

These are just a few of the many photos that I took. I also went out to dinner every night with friends and visited the Art Gallery and Museum.

It was a big shock to come home to Melbourne's winter weather.

It has just been announced that AQC is returning to Melbourne in April next year, but it was so lovely to have it up in Brisbane for a change.

Bye for now,



Magpie's Mumblings said...

It must have been an amazing show if the small sampling you've shown here is any indication. I think (pandemic aside) that our guild will be having their show in 2023. Unfortunately there are only a couple members that do art quilts and many of the older members look upon us as not being 'real' quilters.

Linda Steele said...

I know that everyone will really enjoy your show in 2023, Magpie Mumblings. There will always be traditional quilters that don't understand the art quilts, but they are missing out on so much fun.