Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy New Year

It's hard to believe that we are already into the second week of the New Year. I have enjoyed my Christmas- New year break and am ready to start afresh.

I haven't been away on holidays or anything but just having a relaxed time with no commitments is like having a holiday. I have managed to get a lot of sewing done, so that always puts a smile on my face.

I don't usually make a New Years Resolution but last year the Quiltart internet group that I belong to encouraged us to make a word to use for the year. Last year my word was Balance and that worked well for me. I didn't get upset if I missed a deadline and it helped  to keep things in perspective.

I have decided that this years word will be Design. I even made a Wordle with the word that I have printed out and will paste it in the front of my new sketch book.

My word is design but it could have easily been sketch. Like most people I am always lurching between deadlines and commitments and ideas for quilts are constantly entering my head and often leave just as quickly because I have too many other things to think about.
This year I am going to take the time to jot down the ideas for a quilt or stitching pattern in one of my design books. I have a few and will have them dotted about the house so they are easy to grab if I need them.
This idea also works well for the Waverley Art Quilters because we are going to have a sketch book component this year.

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