Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Houston Silent Auction

The International Quilt Festival is coming up again. I have already received the 50 page catalogue of all the  events planned for this year. As usual there is a wonderful array of classes from the top quilters around the world and it is very tempting.

I am honoured to be asked to participate in the Silent Auction again this year by making a small quilt. All the proceeds go back into IQA to help them put on this wonderful show.
All the mini quilts are beautifully displayed and in front of them are sheets of paper where you insert your name and the price you would like to pay for the quilt. Someone else can come up afterwards and put a higher amount after that, and so it goes. The highest bidder by the end of the show gets the quilt.
I could never afford to buy some of those magnificent award winning quilts but it would be lovely to have a mini quilt made by the person.

I decided to make a little crazy quilt similar to the one I made last year, but this year I am putting a kangaroo in the middle because my crazy quilt, Naturally Crazy that is a finalist in the show this year has  kangaroos in the centre.

I picked out my fabrics.

Then I drew up a foundation piecing pattern onto calico and made up the base block.

I put the motifs in place next.

Stay tuned for more progress but I haven't long because it has to be in Houston by the middle of September.

Bye for now,

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