Thursday, 30 August 2012

Round Robin 1

I belong to the Southern Cross Crazy Quilters and we are having a Round Robin. We have already had the first swap and I received Jenifer's block in the mail.

Jenifer's base block

It's actually  bit scary working on someone else's block.
What if they don't like it?
What if it's not what they expected?
What if I don't like it?
What if I make a mistake?
Oh my goodness, why am I doing this?
Then I remember that this is supposed to be fun and it's only a bit of fabric anyway.
We have already had a slight hiccup when one block took about 10 days to arrive from NSW to WA, and everyone thought that it was lost!

I decided to add some satin stitching to the centre flower because I thought it would get lost once the block was covered with embroidery.
Then I added a vine with some ribbon leaves and some red spider web roses. I decided on red roses because there are some red ladybirds peeping out of the centre square and I thought it would highlight them a bit more.
On the last seam I did some double feather stitches and added some yellow beads.

My embroidery on Jenifer's block
Now the block is all packed up and ready to post to the next person on my list.

Bye for now,


Little House on the Hill said...

Hi Linda
Love what you have added to the block. My son lives in WA mailing is always sooooo slow.


Linda Steele said...

Thanks Pauline, I know what you mean about the postage, I think sending something to America is quicker than across Australia!