Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Round Robin January

Our Round Robin with the Southern Cross Crazies continues. We last exchanged blocks in December but were given two months to complete our embroidery because of the Christmas holiday season.

I received Patti's beautiful cream block to work on.

Patti's Block

 It is a very soft delicate looking block and I wanted to continue with that theme. It might be hard to see from the photo above but there was a lot of mauve and soft green as well as the blue of the cameo. I decided that the block needed a bit more blue to balance out the block.

I also noticed that the cameo and heart faced different directions, one was up and the other down. This is common in many crazy blocks but I didn't want to choose one direction over another.

I solved the problem by making a garland of flowers. I used a variegated blue ribbon and embroidered some spider-web roses, added some lazy daisy leaves and some blue colonial knots.
Garland of roses
 There wasn't a lot of seam room left next to the garland so I chose to do a fan of lazy daisy stitches and put some mauve colonial knots on the top of each stitch.
Lazy daisy fan
On the seam on the other side of the garland I put some Cretan stitches.

Cretan Stitch
I put three little colonial stitches on the top in blue to help keep the eye moving over the block and on the other side I added some soft mauve lazy daisies with a little green seed bead so the embroidery will blend in with what the others have done before me.

This is what Patti's block looked like after I had finished with it.

Patti's block finished
Last week I posted the block onto the next person on the Round Robin list and I have already received my next block and it is very different to Patti's block. This Round Robin is certainly keeping me on my toes.

Only two more rounds to go and I will get my own block back. How exciting!

Bye for now,


Gina E. said...

What exquisite work, Linda. Your partners in this round robin are very fortunate to have your work in their possession.

Lorraine said...

Beautiful stitching Linda.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Gina and Lorraine, the other people in the group are incredibly talented and I feel lucky to be able to see their stitching.