Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Round Robin- Maureen G

The Round Robin that I am participating in with the Southern Cross Crazies is almost at an end. Only one more swap and we get our original block back.

This month I have been working on Maureen G's block. I found the mustard yellow and cream colours very striking. In fact apart from being able to see other people's beautiful stitching up close, it has been a good experience to stitch with the different colour schemes.

This is what Maureen's block looked like when I received it.

Someone in the group had gone to a lot of trouble with charms, buttons, ribbons and embroidery

Centre embellishment

The bottom left corner had some ribbon embroidery on top of a lace motif and a paisley shape filled with different kinds of beads. This is a very heavy block!

In the bottom right corner are some really beautiful ribbon embroidered pansies. I think that the variegated ribbon really helps to enliven the pansies.

Finally the top section has some lace flowers covered with embroidery stitches and finished with a button in the centre.

I decided to fill in the top left corner and thought I would continue with the flower theme and add some purple Irises with ribbon work as well as some seam stitching and a little spray of purple lazy daisy flowers.

After I had taken this photo I decided to add some embroidery onto the lace motif because it seemed a bit plain without it.

This is what the block looked like when I had finished.

Now I have to pack it up and send it onto the next person on the list. This block is very heavy so it might cost a bit more to post. It's a very pretty block though, don't you think?

Bye for now,


Lorraine said...

I really enjoy seeing other's stitching up close! Thanks for sharing.

Linda Steele said...

I agree Lorraine, I think that is one of the best reasons to participate in a Round Robin.