Tuesday, 28 January 2014

30th Birthday Quilt

At the end of last year I was really busy with the preparations for my daughter's wedding because she got married two days before Christmas. Not only was I busy with the wedding but it was her 30th birthday three days before that!

I decided to make her a quilt for her 30th birthday but it was to be a surprise. I chose the colours that were in her lounge suite. I was very clever choosing the colours because I went to the furniture store where she had bought the lounge suite with my fabric swatches and matched the colour that way.

Star quilt on design wall

Here is the blog post I wrote last year when I was busy making it. It became so hectic and I was secretly sewing whenever I got the chance that at one stage I thought I wouldn't get it finished it time.

I didn't quilt it really heavily because I wanted it to remain soft so she could use it as a cuddly lap quilt. Even so the quilting still took ages.

It was all so rushed that I forgot to take a photo of it finished. I just have the photo of her when she received it.

Alison and her quilt
She said that she liked it, I hope that she uses it.

This is the label I put on the back, she really loved the label.

I was originally going to make her a crazy quilt with photos of her and school badges etc etc, but I was running out of time and I was worried that it wouldn't look very nice. But she was so thrilled with the label maybe I should have. Maybe I should start now for her 40th!!

Bye for now,


Gina E. said...

She said that she LIKED it??? That would surely have to be an understatement - it is gorgeous! And very clever of you to match it to the swatches for their lounge suite.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Gina, although only another quilter would really appreciate getting a quilt, because only they know the work involved.

Lorraine said...

Lovely photos Linda! The quilt is gorgeous and a gift she will likely treasure for years.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, I hope so.