Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Christmas Cracker 2013

In my last post I wrote about the Christmas Cracker that I sent to Viv. Well, I received one as well from Carolyn.

My Christmas Cracker from Carolyn

It arrived not long before Christmas and I finally opened it just after Christmas. It looked so beautiful sitting in my sewing room waiting for me.

What a treat was in store for me when I did open it. I don't know how Carolyn managed to fit so much into one paper towel roll!

Beautiful silk fabric and lace
Beads and Charms

Silkies are beautiful little Victorian style pictures that are printed onto silk fabric.

I thought that was everything and decided that I didn't need to keep the cardboard roll, so I picked it up to throw it away when I realised that it felt heavy.

There were still more goodies wedged into the end of the roll.

Braids and laces
I was certainly very spoilt by Carolyn. Did you notice the beautiful cameo cabochon in the second photo with the lace? Carolyn beaded it herself. I took a photo of it on it's own so you could get a clearer look.

Beaded Cameo Cabochon
I don't know what I will do with it yet. I fear that it is too special to use!

Here is a photo of the embroidered panel opened up.

Crazy Block from Carolyn

She even embroidered a letter L up the top for me. Isn't it a pretty block?

Thank you Carolyn, I really appreciate the time and trouble you took to make me a present.

Bye for now,


Lorraine said...

I experimented with beading some cabachons not long ago - this is a beauty.

Little House on the Hill said...

Lucky you, just what every crazy quilter needs. The panel is beautiful. Since the changes I am having trouble accessing Southern Cross Crazies. Is there a Facebook group?
Cheers Pauline

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, Carolyn did a beautiful job. It is a lovely gift for a crazy quilter.

Linda Steele said...

Lots of people are having trouble with the new Yahoo, Pauline. I can't get onto the database. There is no Facebook group but it's a good idea though.