Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Cruise Ship

I have been back from the cruise for over a week and it has taken me a while to get all my photos organised. I took over 1,100 photos and I wanted to label them all while it was still fresh in my memory. I also had to sort them out to show my family because they wouldn't have wanted to sit through that many photos. The photos that they were really interested in were the ones of the actual ship and so this post is about the ship and I'll save the photos of New Zealand for another post.

We sailed on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship called The Voyager of the Seas. It was huge and very opulent and we were treated to such luxury.

When the taxi arrived at Circular Quay in Sydney I thought that we had parked next to a building, I was completely shocked to find that it was the ship. I'll show some photos to help show how big it was.
Voyager of the Seas by the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Cruise Ship at Circular Quay
Here is another photo of the ship in Tauranga, you can see how little the people look; look how close the ship gets to the side of the port. Sometimes the ship went in front-ways and sometimes it reversed in but Captain Charles had a round of applause for his excellent parking.
Cruise ship at Tauranga
My husband came with me on the cruise and we were upgraded to a cabin with a port hole.
Our Cabin
It wasn't very big but quite roomy enough for us. Here is the other side of the room.

Of course we had a little en-suite but I forgot to take a photo of that.
Our steward cleaned our room twice a day and every other night when we came back to our room we would find a little animal that he had made out of towels for us. We were delighted. There was also the Cruise Compass letting us know the weather, the port, the dinner dress code and the activities for the next day

The ship was enormous and here is a photo of the main street on deck 5, this was where the duty free shops and bars and cafes were. There were often musicians playing as we walked through as well. As we wandered through we would often see people we knew and would catch up with what they had been doing. There were about seven ladies I knew from Waverley Patchworkers doing the cruise as well as the other tutors.
Main Street
View from above
The windows you can see above the Pig and Whistle hotel in the photo above are promenade cabins, so those people had an interior view rather than an ocean view. I spoke to some people who were in one of those rooms and they said that there was no sound noise that got through to their rooms.
Entrance to the Casino
There was a casino and a gym and spa and pools and rock climbing and mini golf but I didn't do any of those activities. I did use the hairdresser a couple of times though and it was fantastic not to have to bother doing it myself.
Johnny Rockets hamburger bar

Basketball court
Overlooking the pool area
Every night we had dinner in the Carmen dining room on deck 3 and we were treated to a 3 course a la carte menu, we always had the same drink and food waiter and they would make their recommendations to help us order. We still miss Eric our waiter.
Carmen dining room
There were three levels of dining and ours was the bottom one and twice during the cruise all the waiters walked through the room waving their serviettes and sang a song for us.
Waiters song
After dinner we would go to the La Scala theatre and watch a show, sometimes a singer, comedian, or orchestra. What a life!
La Scala Theatre
 So we didn't lose track of time, every day the sign on the floor of the lifts would change so we would know what day of the week it was.
What day is it today?
The ship was so beautiful with no expense spared in all the decorations, there was food available 24 hours a day, as well as a cup-cake shop, pizza and ice cream bar and a huge buffet up on deck 11 where you could sit and watch the ocean.

There were discos and leaving the port parties, dance lessons, scrap booking and bingo and all sorts of activities. I didn't participate in them because on the sailing days I was teaching my crazy patchwork classes and I didn't want to stay up late partying when I had a class the next day.

There were about 3,500 people on the cruise and over 1,500 staff.
There were about 320 women doing the needlework lessons and about 50 husbands came along to enjoy the cruise as well.
On the first sailing day the Needlework organisers Simon, Maureen and Clare gave us all a bag, beaded lanyard and an embroidered name tag.

The classes went well but were very busy and I forgot to take any photos. We had classes on the fifth floor of the dining room and were treated to wonderful views of the ocean all day.
Finally on the last day of teaching I remembered to take a photo of my Journal cover class, it was late and some had already left so it is not a photo of the entire class.
Journal Cover class
At the farewell event, Susan came up to me and showed me that she had finished hers.
Susan and her journal cover
At the Needlecraft farewell event we were honoured that Captain Charles came and spoke to us and said how he enjoyed having us on the ship and our work was just as important as the craftsmen who made the ship. He made a few fans that day. There were 3 sewing machines given out as prizes by Pfaff, so there were some very happy women.

Well that's a snapshot of my first cruise. What I haven't told you is that between New Zealand and Hobart, as we crossed the Tasman Sea we had very rough weather, 10 metre (30 foot waves) and the ship was really rocking side to side. Many people suffered from sea sickness including a couple of the teachers.
The good news for me was that I didn't suffer at all, in fact I loved watching the big waves. The only sickness I was in danger of was from overeating all the wonderful food.

I will tell you all about our New Zealand adventures in the next post.
Bye for now,


Margaret Weston said...'re Blog posts about the cruise are extraordinary!!! Brilliant pictures and fantastic descriptions. I guess the photos of you and Mark kicking up a storm are in your 'private' collection!! I have a Blog too!

So glad the cruise went so well! Have they booked you for another?

Margaret Weston said...

I couldn't edit my previous post.....should have read 'your' not 'you're' ....not good grammar for a teacher!!! (Note to self earlier in the day!)

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Margaret, I haven't signed up for another cruise. The teaching was exhausting, maybe I'll just be a passenger next time!

ozjane (Glenice) said...

kinda makes my two day classes with Judith Baker Montana seem a bit insignificant.
What a lovely indulgent way to sit and sew. So glad you enjoyed it.

Linda Steele said...

Two days with Judith sounds like fun to me, Glenice.

Jo said...

Hi Linda,
It was a great cruise. I was on it too but I didn't do your class ( sorry) maybe next time...
I am from Kilmore Quilters

Hope you don't mind my posts of the classes I did


Linda Steele said...

There were so many wonderful classes on offer, it would have been hard to choose. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Thanks for sharing your posts! I love all what I read here.