Wednesday, 9 April 2014

AQA Quilt Show

I went along to the AQA Quilt Show last Saturday. They don't usually have their quilt show at this time of the year but they got out of their usual order because of their Dear Jane Exhibition.

I love their show because it is held not far from my place which is very convenient. They always have a car out the front covered in quilt blocks to attract the passing cars.

It was a lovely show as usual and the weather was perfect for a day out, but the main reason I went along was because I got an email from Lyn Steel to say that she had made my Scottish Dance Quilt and it would be hanging in the show.

I found the quilt and took a photo. The photo is on a bit of an angle because it was hard to get completely in front to get a square photo.

Scottish Dance by Lyn Steel
This is quite a challenging quilt to make and Lyn has done a lovely job. Isn't it amazing how close her name is to mine and she is a quilter? I had an email a few months ago from a quilter in Canada and her name is Linda Steele, exactly the same as mine. She usually goes to Houston and so we are going to meet up the next time I go there. Who knows when that might be!

Lyn had another quilt in the show, it was a pattern by Sandra Boyle and so I took a photo of that as well.

Red and Green by Lyn Steel
I took more photos of the quilts but there were signs everywhere saying that photos were for your own use. That means you can't publish them unless you have permission. Luckily Lyn had given me permission to show her quilts. Thanks Lyn.

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Thanks Lorraine, I wish I could've shown some other photos. I think that people should be allowed to show photos as long as the maker and designers name is there as well.