Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Last Charm Compeleted

Last year I signed up with the Quilted Crow Girls to receive a foundation pieced block pattern, fabric and a charm to match. They arrived every two months and I was keeping up to date until the end of the year when the last one arrived. It was so busy at the end of last year that I had to put it aside.

They always came so beautifully packaged and they were super generous with the fabric. They seemed to give enough fabric to make 5 of every block. The blocks are only 6" square and the fabrics are very traditional and unlike anything I have at home. So it has been interesting to use fabrics that are so different for me and the piecing keeps me up to date because I usually do applique and crazy patchwork.
I remembered it over the weekend and it didn't take long to make it up. The block is called Square in a Square and I have always liked that pattern.

Here is a picture of the last charm, the amazing thing is that the charm block is actually fabric! How do they make them so small!

Now I have completed all the blocks, I just have to add the sashing and make them up into a little quilt. It will be very small, maybe a table-runner! I'll have to look into that.

Apparently the shop is already running another charm bracelet mail-out and the blocks are different so people that did the first one could get more charms and more blocks. Unfortunately I missed that newsletter, probably when I was so busy and I deleted it without reading it. I might have signed up again. Oh well, too late now.

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