Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Connecting Design to Stitch- Landscape

This year the Waverley Art Quilters have decided to study the book Connecting Design to Stitch by Sandra Meech.

Every month this year we are researching the various topics that can be used as inspiration for an art quilt.
This month we have been studying Landscape.

Landscape is a very popular subject especially for pictorial quilts. Sandra Meech suggests that we can explore colour and light like the Impressionists, or the flow and curves of rivers, forests, lakes and aerial views, Man's organisation such as crops and farming or the wild and untouched landscapes.
Another very popular subject matter is Seascapes.

I love landscape quilts and of course it is a very popular subject for painters as well.

I have only done a few small landscape quilts, mainly because the large ones are so time consuming and my crazy quilts and applique quilts are also very time consuming and there is only a limited amount of time for sewing.

We studied David Hockney last year and I did this A3 sized landscape.
Hockey Inspired by Linda Steele
Earlier this year I made a little quilt of a heron and I was remembering how the wetlands need a balance of sun and rain to survive.
Balance in the Wetlands
When we studied Monet I made a waterlily quilt and even though it's subject is water it comes under the landscape quilt category.
Monet's Waterlily by Linda Steele
Way back in 2006 I made a small landscape quilt called Hide and Seek.
Hide and Seek
The largest landscape quilt I have made is called Lakeside Reflections.
Lakeside Reflection by Linda Steele

 There have been so many beautiful landscape quilts made by quilters over the years, some very realistic and others much more abstract.

I wrote down some ideas for subjects that I could use in the future:
Wetlands, Seasons, Trees, Sunsets and Seascapes.

Lots of ideas but not much time, just like everyone else I suppose but it is fun to imagine and dream.

Bye for now,

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