Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Crazy Quilted Craft Case

Last year I bought a couple of craft cases that have a plain top and the idea is that you can cover them with fabric or patchwork to make them unique to you. Lots of patchwork shops sell them and I think that they may be a Clover product.
I have seen one done with a clam shell pattern that looked beautiful but I don't do that sort of patchwork. Crazy Patchwork is more my style and so I made up a base of green fabrics to tone in with the case.

Craft case
After I had completed the crazy patchwork, I used freezer paper as a template for the size of the top of the case and ironed under the edges.

I bought some Clover curved needles to sew the crazy patchwork to the top of the case.

Clover curved needles
The curved needles were a little fiddly to use but they actually worked very well.

Craft case completed
 Here are a couple of close up photos of the top.

You may have noticed that the name I have embroidered on the top is not mine, that is because I made it for a dear friend of mine for her birthday. Sue actually changed my life by introducing me to patchwork all those years ago.

Who knows if I'll ever get around to making one for myself? Life is still busy here while I am minding my granddaughter Savannah during the week. She is a delight but very tiring and loves helping me around the house! It's hard to believe that she is now nine months old.

Savannah 9 months
Savannah 9 months- helping with the washing
Bye for now,


Lorraine said...

Savannah is certainly growing! Lovely case Linda and a great idea too.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, she is growing up and just about ready to crawl.