Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Connecting Design to Stitch- Household Objects

I belong to the Waverley Art Quilters and this year we are studying the book Connecting Design to Stitch by Sandra Meech.

This year we are concentrating on researching many different topics that might inspire our quilts in the future; last month we were researching Household Objects.

Many people lament that they don't live in an exotic location or don't go on exciting holidays like others do to get their inspiration. Sometimes the inspiration is right under our noses, around our house, in the next room. Inspiration can be found in furniture, plates, bowls, baskets, jewelry or vases. You could use a detail of an object, a cropped portion of an object or even the entire object set up as a still life.

I have made some small art quilts using Household Objects as inspiration in the past.

In 2013 I set up a chair and rested a guitar next to it, after I had taken a photo; I cropped it and then simplified it.

Chair ©2013 Linda Steele
In 2013, we studied ceramic artist Clarice Cliff and I placed a vase and jug together and created a quilt.

Clarice Cliff © 2013 Linda Steele
In 2011 I used an even simpler household object as inspiration when I used a cup of tea as an image.

Afternoon Tea ©2011 Linda Steele
I don't think that you can get anything  simpler than that.
So really we have no excuse and need to start looking at our surroundings to be inspired and know that the quilt we make will hold a special meaning to us.

I have many beautiful plates around my home that are sure to be a starting point for a quilt someday.

Bye for now,


jude's page said...

I Look forward to seeing what you come up with, someday.

Linda Steele said...

This year we are concentrating on gathering resources and next year we hope to do something with them. That's the plan anyway!

Joy V said...

That sounds like a great idea. Makes you think outside the square - looking around you instead looking 'out and around'.

Linda Steele said...

I agree Joy, we have inspiration around us constantly but we don't see it