Tuesday, 28 July 2015


There is never a good time to be sick but last week the timing was even worse than usual. I have been sick with a horrible cold and a hacking cough and am only just starting to get better.

 My daughter has had to make hasty alternative arrangements for someone else to mind my granddaughter, Savannah. We certainly don't want her to get sick again because she had a cold and ear infection last month.

My cold also meant that I was unable to go to the Victorian Quilters Showcase this year. I was very disappointed because I have never missed a show since I started quilting. So I have no photos to show of this year's show. I'll have to wait for the Vic Quilters magazine to see the photos of the winning quilts. I do know that Sugy Kim won Best of Show with her quilt A Journey to Nirvana and you can see a photo of her quilt and a list of the other prize winners on the Victorian Quilters Website.

I have been taking it easy trying to keep warm and get over the cold as quickly as possible. A friend of mine gave me series 1 and 2 of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries which is an Australian series that has been a huge hit here.

The costumes are absolutely beautiful and the show is set in the 1920's so there are many Art Deco features in the sets. My daughter even gave me a Miss Fisher plate for Mother's Day.

I haven't just been watching the DVD's though, I have still been doing some sewing.

Hopefully this will be the last cold that I will catch this year, only one more month of winter to go and then the weather should start to warm up again.

Bye for now,


jude's page said...

Hope you get better soon, it has been so cold this year.

Linda Steele said...

Yes, Jude
I'll be glad when winter is over

Gina E. said...

Hi Linda, I'm doing my 'occasional blog visits', so it is a bit late to hope you are feeling better; I will assume you have recovered completely from your cold :-) It has been a bad season for colds and flu this year, but so far Ken and I have been lucky not to catch anything. Staying home helps!

Linda Steele said...

I am feeling so much better, thanks Gina. I am a bit worried about going out because there seem to be so many sick people around. I'd hate to catch something again. I think I'll stay home for a while.