Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Queensland Holiday part 2

Last week I wrote about our visit to the theme parks on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
 We also went to the Brisbane Art Gallery, it was a lovely sunny day and we walked around the beautiful and well set out Arts precinct. I really enjoyed the Art Gallery and saw works by artists we have studied with the Waverley Art Quilter's group. I can remember seeing a Margaret Preston and Sydney Long painting as well as many others.

My husband took a photo of me in a modern work called Woods 111 by Shigeo Toya, was an abstract forest.

Brisbane Art Gallery

One day we drove about an hour inland to Tamborine Mountain. It was a really beautiful area and we went on the Rain-forest Sky-walk which was a 1.5km walk through the rain forest as well as bridges that take you high into the tree canopies. Because it was winter none of the flowers or butterflies were out but it was still a lovely walk.

Tamborine Mountain Rain-forest
We also went on another walk that led to Curtis Falls, apparently you can hear Lyrebirds in the winter but we didn't. We were very excited to see a scrub turkey though.

Curtis Falls
We were very lucky to be in time for the glow worm caves tour, although you weren't allowed to take photos.

When people think of Queensland they think of the beaches and theme parks so it was good to explore another side of Queensland.

We walked on the beach that was across the road from our apartment most days and one evening I tried to get some sunset shots, because there was a really beautiful glow in the sky.

I always take some sewing away with me and often never get any done but I did do a little bit of sewing this trip. It looks funny to be sewing in sunglasses but it was very basic embroidery.

That's our holiday over, but I did come home feeling refreshed and very excited to get back to sewing, especially as it's the school holidays which means two weeks of sewing without having to mind Savannah. As much as I love her she does restrict my sewing time.

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