Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine

There is a lovely magazine available for people who are interested in Crazy Quilting and it's called Crazy Quilt Quarterly. A new issue has just been released and it's the Winter 2015 issue. It's an American magazine and so that is why it's the winter issue.

Pamela Kellogg, a well-known crazy quilter runs the magazine and she interviewed me a few months ago about my Christmas Crazy Quilt.

Christmas Crazy©2013 Linda Steele

The Crazy Quilting Quarterly is a really lovely magazine with lots of gorgeous photos of crazy quilting. It's 40 pages long and she has devoted 3 pages to my quilt and has lots of lovely close up photos of the blocks.

The magazine is only available on line and not in stores. You can buy a print version or just have a digital version that you can read on your computer or Ipad. It is $14.95 for a combined print and e-version or just $6.95 for the digital version only. The price is US dollars.

Here is the Link to Crazy Quilting Quarterly 

You can read about how I made my crazy quilt by clicking on some of my previous blog posts Designing Christmas Crazy and Christmas Crazy

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4 comments: said...

That's cool that someone could make this magazine. Besides it's more than cool that people, who'll buy ts Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine will be able to see your works.

Linda Steele said...

Yes, I agree that it's great that someone goes to the trouble to make a magazine devoted to crazy quilting

Pamela Kellogg said...

Linda, I just saw your lovely review of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine. Thank you very much!! And thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt with my readers!


Linda Steele said...

My pleasure Pam, I love the magazine