Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Happy Birthday Savannah

It's hard to believe that my first little granddaughter, Savannah is one year old. Where has that year gone?
I have been minding her during the week since she was five months old so I have got to know her very well. After a rough start we have got into a good routine and get on really well.
Even though she was going to have a proper party with family and friends on the weekend, I decided that we would have our own private party during the day.

This is how we started the day; she always likes to pretend to clean her teeth when I do.

Cleaning her teeth
Notice how clean and fresh she looks?

After lunch we had our little party and I helped her open one of her presents.

Opening presents
After singing Happy Birthday, she decided that she wanted a closer look at her cake.

I want that cake!
Her parents are quite strict with her and she doesn't usually eat cake or biscuits, but I had to let her have a bit of birthday cake.

She started off quite sedately and thought that this was something that she really liked. Then she decided that she really loved that cake and wanted to eat every crumb.

It took a long time to clean her off and clean the high chair!

She's such a dear little girl with such a sweet little personality. I suppose everyone thinks that about their grandchildren. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend this first year with her.

Happy Birthday, Savannah.

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

You are creating a bond with her that you will have throughout her lifetime! I know...I started watching my grand daughter when she was 7 weeks old (she is now 16!) and we are as close as anyone can be...same with her 12 yr old brother. Nothing beats that!!

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Robbie, it's lovely to hear about your experience. What a wonderful grandmother you have been. I really hope we have that bond too said...

Ohh, Savannah is such a cute girl. Hope she grows a beautiful lady)And you're a cool granny hopes she'll love you the most)

Linda Steele said...

Thank you, she is a sweet girl.