Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Vietnam Veteran's 50th Anniversary Quilt

Earlier this year I was approached by the President of the Victorian Vietnam Veterans. They were going to be commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan in 2016 and they had decided to make a quilt.

All 27 branches of the Victorian Veterans were going to make a block and they wanted me to make the centre logo and the lettering on the top and bottom borders.

Bob gave me a card with the logo and I had to make it to fit a 60cm square of fabric. Here is a photo of the finished block and the little card that I had to use.

Vietnam Veteran's Logo

I had to photocopy the card and then increase the size on the printer. It was quite a time consuming logo to make. I appliqued the circles and fused and satin stitched the lettering, crown and the pictures in the centre. I think that I made 3 rising sun badges and 2 or 3 flags until I was happy with them.

Here is a photo of me cutting out the text for the borders.

Cutting out the lettering

Here is a photo of the finished top and bottom border.

Top and bottom border
Last week was the official unveiling of the quilt and I went along to Anzac House in Collins Street Melbourne for the event.

I met Alma Elliot, the wife of one of the Vietnam Veteran's for the first time, she took on the daunting task of coordinating the quilt, contacting all the branches and putting the quilt together.

Alma (in red)  and I
Here are some detail shots of some of the blocks.

As well as the Australian flag there was also the Vietnamese Freedom flag on the quilt.

Vietnam Freedom Flag
The flag represents freedom and human rights to the Vietnamese who fled to Australia to escape communism.

A lovely lady named Chi came over and spoke to me about it and she was in tears after all these years because that flag was all they could take from their homeland.

Here is a photo of some of the Vietnamese at the opening, they loved the quilt.

I also got a photo of the State President, Bob Elworthy and I because he was the one that I was in contact with when I was doing my bit for the quilt.

Bob Elworthy and I
The quilt will travel around Victoria next year before it will reside at the Vietnam Veteran's Headquarters in Phillip Island.

Finally a photo of the finished quilt.

Victorian Vietnam Veterans 50th year Quilt.

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Gina E. said...

This post touched my heart, Linda. What a privilege for you to be involved with such a worthwhile project. I knew a few men who returned from Vietnam changed forever, and I've always despised the way they were treated for so many years. Good on you for supporting this project.

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Gina, they were a wonderful group of people. I was speaking to one of the wives of the Veterans and she was saying that the wives and girlfriends also suffered and were ostracized.

Gina E. said...

Yes, I remember that too.

Linda Steele said...

It was a sad time, at least it has turned around now.

traderslostart said...

Beautifully done Vietnam Veterens logo for the 50th Anniversary Quilt Linda.
Boy does that make me feel really old.

I had posted your gorgeous Life on the Reef Quilt, and the comments by my
Crazy Quilting friends has been excellent. It appears they all love it as much as I do.
I have been following you for a long time, but this is the first time I have written as
God Bless you.
Traders of the Lost Art 1

Some of my work here:

Linda Steele said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments Sondra, I love it when I get a comment! I am enjoying the challenge of making some art quilts these days but just can't help adding embroidery. It makes it a combination of art and crazy quilting which makes it fun to do.