Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Windows and Walls Challenge

This year the Waverley Art Quilters have been studying the book Connecting Design to Stitch by Sandra Meech.

We decided to take it slowing and really study the book properly and so we spent the year gathering images on the various topics that were set by Sandra. The idea behind gathering images was that no one can create in a vacuum and it was a chance to look at things that we would normally not take any notice of and find out what really inspires us.
We finished off the year by doing the Windows and Walls design class that was at the end of the section on gathering images. The idea was to cut out windows on paper or fabric and place images behind the open spaces to find an interesting composition.

Just by chance the latest Quilting Arts magazine for October/November issue 77 came out with an article by Susan Purney Mark that was on a similar idea and I decided to follow Susan's instructions.

Luckily I already had some fabric strips sewn together that were left over from a previous project; they were mainly dark and batiks which was just perfect for this project.

I traced some leaf shapes onto a piece of fusible web and ironed them to the back of the striped fabric. Then I cut out the shapes.

I tried some plain gold fabric behind the cut outs but it looked too plain.

Next I tried a spotty batik but I didn't like the effect at all, it was far too busy.

I had some left over pieces of mono printed fabric that I sewed together.

When I put this fabric behind the stripes I really liked the effect; subtle but still with interest.

I satin stitched around the edges of the cut outs and then added a branch and some leaves over the top for some added interest.

Finally I quilted it with some leaf shapes.

Here is a close up of the quilting.

So another year is over and we have already had our break-up dinner. We went to a local Chinese Restaurant and we had such a good time that I forgot to take any photos.

We usually have a holiday challenge and this year might be more of a challenge than usual. Everyone received two reels of fine shiny thread in various colours and we can do whatever we like with it. The trouble is that it is not normal thread, it is the very fine thread that is used in fabric production and woven into fabric to give a shimmer and shine.

I have no idea what I will do. I could try it in the machine but it won't show up very easily. I could make tassels or something I suppose. Mmm, it is a challenge!

I feel so lucky to have found this supportive group of women and next year we are going to continue studying Sandra Meech's book. We will be going through the Elements of Design. I am looking forward to it.

Bye for now,

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