Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Victorian Vietnam Veteran's Civic Reception

Last year I was approached by the President of the Victorian Vietnam Veterans Association asking for my help in making a quilt to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan.
You can read all about it in my post called Vietnam Veteran's 50th Anniversary Quilt from Dec 15th 2015.

Recently the Vietnam Veterans have written an article in their magazine about the quilt and my involvement in making it.

Earlier this month my husband and I were invited to a Civic Reception that was held at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), it was a very glamorous event. I felt very privileged to be an invited guest; the Premier of Victoria was in attendance as well as other politicians.

The quilt was on display but the lighting was very dark and there were a lot of shadows so it was very hard to get a good photo. But here I am at the Civic reception in front of the quilt.

As well as refreshments, there were speeches and an orchestral performance of a musical piece called Echoes of Conflict written by Vietnam Veteran, Lachlan Wilson. As we were leaving we were all given a CD of the music to take home.

When I got home and showed my son, I was surprised to find out that the composer was my son's Theory teacher at University when he did his music degree. What a small world!

Here is a better photo of the quilt.

I made the centre logo and the top and bottom border.

The Vietnam Veterans have been so kind and polite to me and it was an honour to help them out with the quilt. At all the events that I have been invited to they have made an effort to speak to me and thank me for my involvement.

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jude's page said...

well done Linda, an honour indeed

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Jude, I was glad to help those brave men